10 Favorite Wordpress Plugins

The Haunted Housewife - 10 of my favorite Wordpress plugins!

1. Highlight and Share – This one is my newest plugin, and I adore it so. It’s kind of like “Click to Tweet”, but with the option to share to Facebook. I post a lot of quotes, so I know this is helpful to a ton of other quote geeks out there. Simply highlight the text, and the options pop up! Convenience is a glorious thing.



2. jQuery Pin It Button For Images – Pinterest might as well be the mothership (for me, anyway). This is a handy little tool that makes it easier for your readers to pin your posts on Pinterest. The reason this is my favorite, though, is because you have the ability to create a custom “pin it!” image. I created a kitty! Click here to learn how to do this.



3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin  – If you’ve got similar posts that you know will keep your readers engaged, please check out this gem. It will show the reader other articles related to the one they’re currently visiting!relatedposts



4. Broken Link Checker – If you’ve written about another blog or website that is no longer active, or when you’ve moved stuff around and your older links no longer point to the right place, broken link checker will alert you. This keeps things running smoothly for your readers.

5. Incoming Links – This plugin will tell you where your traffic is coming from right on your dashboard. You’ll get to see what bloggers are linking back to your blog, too! Super useful! Share the blog love!

6. Custom Login – Now this one just makes me feel like little Miss Fancypants. You can create a unique login screen for your wordpress backend. Not super important, but very pretty and fun. I, of course, made mine match my blog!customlogin

7. Contact Form 7 – You know how sometimes when you click on an e-mail in your browser, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail automatically pops up? I hate when that happens. I am forever weary when clicking e-mail addresses online for that reason.  When somebody wants to get a hold of you on your blog, having a contact form becomes incredibly useful and convenient. It’s a lot safer than posting your e-mail for the world to see, and, it won’t open up Outlook or Apple Mail on your sender’s end! I use mine right here on my contact page.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.37.00 PM

8. Scroll Triggered Boxes – A scroll-triggered box can be set to pop up when your reader scrolls halfway down the page (or whenever/wherever you’d like!). A lot of people use these to get e-mail subscription sign-ups, Facebook likes, or like me, instagram friends:


9. NextScripts: Social Network Auto Poster – This handy little tool automatically notifies all of your social networks when you make a new blog post. I used Buffer for this before, and the SNAP plugin is so much easier.

10. Sitemap Shortcode – A sitemap is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization and they make it so much easier for the search engines to crawl your site. This baby makes it very easy for you to cross this off your SEO to do list!

I’m definitely a plugin fangirl and always looking for something groundbreaking (for me, anyway!) such as these, which are your favorites?


May 7, 2015


  • Don’t mind me i’m just installing ALL OF THESE <3

    • Samantha

      Oh yes, please do. You’ll freakin’ LOVE IT lol

  • Great post! I have a few of these, but a bunch of them I’ve never heard of before and they sound amazing. The custom login page? SO AWESOME.

    • The custom login page is definitely my favorite! Also the custom pin-it image! I’m geeking out over here, lol!