12 Eye Catching iPhone Cases

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My iPhone had been rocking the same metal-frame case since I got it. Chipped paint, and all. Recently, I switched carriers and phones so I was in need of a new phone case! My search led to some pretty interesting ones I feel compelled to share! These do come in different sizes; I have listed mostly iPhone 7 but you can easily find them for your iPhone 7 Plus as well.

Stylish Cases

1 – Poison for iPhone 7. This one is made out of soft silicone and crafted to look like a poison bottle. The text on the bottom reads, “Fine mix of unicorn blood, witches brew and broken hearts.” It also comes in pink.

2 – Marble cases galore. These are frequently seen with the most popular people on instagram, and boy are they gorgeous. I’ve always had a thing for marble.

3 – Love Potion for iPhone 7. Similar to the poison bottle, you can pop a love potion bottle on your phone rather than poison. “Instant crush inducing love potion, new improved formula.“4 – Starbucks for iPhone 7. For the times you don’t already have a Starbucks cup in your hands. Color variations: chocolate frappuccino, strawberry frappuccino, coffee, or pink coffee cup.  Not a Starbucks person? How about some Cold Bitch Brew.
5 – Fire extinguisher for iPhone 7. Because, why not? For when your beats are fire, I suppose.
6 – Boy Tears for iPhone 7. Also comes in purple. You like to drink your boy tears out of a milk carton? Got ya covered.

7 – Plush cases are an option if you are particular about how your phone feels (and how adorable it is). Perfect for falling asleep on the phone with your lover. There are quite a few DIY options for the plush cases, too. Learn how to make your own teddy bear phone case here. 🐻
8 – Lipstick for iPhone 7. Where are my beauty babes at?! You can also get a phone case that has a mirror on the back of it, for touching up your real lipstick.
9 – Unicorns of all kinds. We love that unicorns are now a trend, rather than on a t-shirt only Napoleon Dynamite would wear. 🦄✨

10 – That iconic sassy middle-finger feline, in black or white. They’ve got pillows of this kitty cat now!  When things take off, they really take off.

11 – Chill pills for iPhone 7. Pinterest is my go-to app to relax, so the chill pill idea works.

Phone Cases That Will Actually Protect Your Phone

12 – It pays to go for the most hardcore armor you can buy for your phone if you’re clumsy and really worried about shattering your screen. In a home full of iPhone users, I know a bit about heavy duty cases. The ones I’d recommend are:

We have our phones in our hands for several hours a day. It pays to invest in a phone case that serves its purpose, feels right, and looks good to you. Which ones your fave?

The Haunted Housewife - 12 Eye-Catching iPhone Cases


  • Samantha Parry

    I love all the Starbucks ones! I may have to buy a few. These are all so cute!

  • Fun picks! I love iPhone cases – I’d switch it out every day if it weren’t so expensive, ha!

  • I have two of the marbled phone cases, one pink and gold and then white and gray. i love them!

  • Hannah Palamara

    These are so cool!

  • Shannon Paige

    OMG I need the starbucks one, so cute!!