21+ DIY Photography Gear Ideas

The Haunted Housewife - 21+ DIY Ideas for At-Home Photography Gear
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When I first starting blogging my little heart out, my photos were extra awful. Through the years, though, I managed to teach myself the basics of photography purely with practice. When you’re learning, you see all of the fancy equipment professionals use and it might make you feel like you need it to succeed. You don’t.  There’s no need to spend $200 on a ring light when you can make one yourself, or $100 on a backdrop stand when you can make your own!

I’ve rounded up my favorite DIY photography gear tutorials from around the web, for my beginner photographers and bloggers out there. Let’s get cookin’!

Ring Lights

Ring lights are fantastic for pictures of makeup; I have this one from amazon that’s great for close-ups of products. For photos of my makeup, though, I had to get crafty. Here are some good ones:

Studio Lighting

Back in the day I had to improvise and take photos near a window or outdoors. Then I received this studio lighting set as a gift, and my world changed! While it is inexpensive, there are much better DIY photography gear options out there. I’m planning on crafting a few of these for my personal studio lighting arsenal:

Light Boxes/Tents

I still have and use my DIY PVC light box I made a few years ago! All you need is some PVC pipe, a few connectors, rip-stop nylon and cheap lights from the hardware store and you’re golden. If you’re not into PVC, there are a few other options as well:

Backdrop Stands

A backdrop stand is something I am starting to need. Some go all out with their backdrop stands, but I want something simple. There are a few options with these as well:

If the DIY life isn’t for you, it still doesn’t need to be terribly expensive:

Nothing beats that proud feeling after you complete a do-it-yourself project. Except maybe the extra jingle in your pocket for tacos! 😉 If you have an equipment or lighting tutorial you’d like me to add to the list, drop it in the comments! As bloggers, we can never have too many resources.

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The Haunted Housewife - 21+ DIY Ideas for At-Home Photography Gear
February 27, 2017


  • This DIY is so creative! It is simple and yet very effective. No need to spend so much money when you can make some of your photography gears.

  • Sarah Jean

    ooh I am going to have to make a DIY backdrop this weekend!

  • Sophie Whiffen

    These are brilliant ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. Going to attempt a backdrop 🙂

    • Me too! It looks easy enough, I wish us luck haha. And you’re welcome Sophie! 🙂

  • Yes I have half of this stuff. I am still learning though.

  • Anne Markey

    I want an at home studio. I have yet to create one so your post gives me some ideas and things to think about. Thanks

  • M.

    Great list! Looking forward to trying some of these out.

  • Missy Burson

    I cannot tell you how helpful this article is! Like super helpful times a million…I have been purchasing a lot of stock photos because my own photography is not “blog material”. Hopefully making some of the gear in this post will help. Love your blog name btw:)

    • Thank you Missy 🙂 I have some of the equipment but I still use stock photos for some things. I hope to get better at photography over time so I can take my own!

  • Great ideas! I want to up my photography game this year!

  • Aliza Hale Biorn

    I love this list! I need to think about making a backdrop stand. I’m glad that there are so many DIY options!

  • Great ideas!! I am pinning this for later. Great ways to save some $$