3 Minutes To Kylie Jenner Lips

Kylie Jenner went from almost non-existent lips to her signature plump pout seemingly overnight. The truth behind Kylie’s lips are lip fillers, and a lot of us wouldn’t dream of going that far for a little extra oompf.

Let’s Not Forget The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Social media challenges are often disastrous, and a lot of people tried the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge with terrifying results. The participants used shot glasses and the cupping method to enlarge their lips. Please, don’t ever use anything that isn’t meant for your lips to enlarge them.

As far as the cupping method itself, it’s been around for decades and these days we have products that are much more safe for us to use.

Candylipz Lip Plumper

Candylipz is the most well-reviewed lip plumping device out right now, and during Black Friday I scored a good deal. My lips are fine on their own but when I take photos of my makeup, my eyes dominate. While I have no real need for this product, curiosity got the best of me and, well, here I am.

There are several different models to choose from, in two different styles. The double-lobed variety creates a crease in your bottom lip, and the single-lobed does not. S-M accommodates lip widths under two inches and is recommended for thin to average lip sizes. L accommodates lip widths 2 inches+ and is recommended for fuller lips.

Model A – Green AppleS – MDouble Lobed
Model B – Red AppleS- MSingle Lobed
Model C – Black LicoriceLDouble Lobed
Model D – Blue LicoriceLSingle Lobed

These will cost you $44.99 for full size models and $34.99 for the mini models.

What’s In The Box?

The set includes:

  • your plumper and lid
  • the blocker – used to close off one side of the plumper so that you’re targeting either your upper or lower lip, specifically.
  • the mouth cushion – increases suction, and prevents red marks from showing up on your face.
  • instructions

The majority of the plumper is made of rubber. The big idea is that you squeeze it to get all of the air out, then it sucks your lips in. This brings all of the blood forward giving you plump lips.

How To Get Kylie Jenner Lips

Using the plumper is pretty straight forward: With a clean mouth area, pucker up and compress the plumper. Place your lips into the cavity as shown on it’s handy little diagram. Slowly release the plumper and allow it to grab hold of your lips. Only plump for 1 to 2 minutes, as per the instructions. If you need more time, wait 30 seconds and repeat.

It includes a handy little diagram to follow! To use the blocker, insert it into the bottom cavity–it should pop in place.

There is a conditioning period you’ll need to follow to prevent bruising. Do not use the plumper if: your lips are dry, cracked, inflamed, or bruised.

My Results

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been playing with this thing for several weeks, studying it’s quirks and finding out what works for me.

My lips are somewhat uneven, and my top lip is noticeably smaller than my bottom lip. For these photos, I didn’t use a blocker and went ahead with plumping both of them.

You can see my lips turn purple and this is completely normal. Bruising/hickey marks from the suction is also normal, and for me they lasted a couple of days. According to Candylipz, after the conditioning period the bruising isn’t likely to return.

Follow The Instructions: A Cautionary Tale

Rebels don’t do as they’re told, am I right? While researching this product, I was looking for people that over plumped their lips out of curiosity and there were none. Rebels that exceeded the time limit were nowhere to be found, so I decided to pave the way.

Well. Don’t do this. If you happen to be curious, though, this is what happened after using the plumper for 5 minutes straight:

Left: moments after OVER-plumping my lips. Right: 45 minutes after OVER-plumping my lips.

It Works. Plain and Simple.

My Candylipz red apple lip plumper does live up to it’s expectations.  While Candylipz yields temporary results, they claim that plumping your lips for a couple of minutes every night before bed will permanently increase their volume over time.

Candylipz lip plumpers are an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery and lip fillers. You have the ability to plump as little or as much as you’d like, with complete control of how it turns out.

Another day, another plumpin’ sesh. This was about an hour after I used the plumper.


There are a few noteworthy alternatives to check out, including the somewhat Instagram popular Fullips. Fullips is a much simpler product, and you can find them for $19.99.

You’ll be paying twenty smackaroos for a simple piece of plastic. Personally, I prefer the Candylipz plumper with all the bells and whistles. Check both out and compare!

As far as health and safety issues are concerned, do your research. There are equally as many people claiming lip cupping to be harmless as there are claiming it to be harmful. Plump at your own risk!

I figure I’ll be safe with my occasional use, and it does give me the oompf I’d like to have in pictures. All in all, I consider this product a #win!



February 7, 2017


  • Wow! Looks like this product actually works. Just need to make sure not to leave it on too long, thanks for sharing all the info

  • Wow, it did make a difference! Might as well try it, thanks for sharing :))

  • Amber

    Wow, what a neat product. Might try this out, thanks for sharing.

  • Brittany Daoud

    Not sure how I feel about this product, I don’t think I would want to have bruised lips! Definitely interesting though, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • You’re welcome Brittany! It’s definitely something to get used to. Bruised lips weren’t very fun lol

  • kelly

    That’s really interesting! haha I would be too nervous to use it though

  • Ayana Pitterson

    Ohhhh wowwww.. this is entirely interesting to me. I was blessed with full upper and lower lips, but I can understand the need to want to plump up your lips. I would say that anything that bruises me though might have to be off the menu. It looks like it works though.


    • It definitely works, but you kinda gotta tiptoe around the bruising part. I had to go out in public like that, lol!

      • Ayana Pitterson


  • debbie_savage

    Thanks for sharing this interesting product! Just have to make sure not to bruise my lips!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

  • Sharon Glascoe

    Oh wow! How is this the first time I am seeing this?! What a great invention!

    • It’s pretty genius! Better than using a shot glass like those poor kids on instagram lol

  • Wow! That’s really cool. I didn’t know something like this existed!


    • People have been using similar methods for ages, but with items not intended for lips. I wonder who first discovered this? Haha

  • Sharon S @ Mehndificent Art

    I never knew that this exists. As a person with almost non-existent lips…I will probably be trying this. Thanks for the post!

  • This is so interesting!!! I had no idea about this product. My upper lip is so much smaller than my bottom lip, so I may have to try this out!!! Great review!

    • My lips are the same! That’s exactly why I wanted to try it. It does help a little bit!