5 Revolutionary Beauty Discoveries

The Haunted Housewife - 10 Revolutionary Beauty Discoveries You Need To Try
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I’ve made some major discoveries in the beauty department over a span of several years that have completely changed the way I do my makeup. Some have cut the time it takes to apply my makeup in half, and some are awesome little tricks that help me look my best. I hope these help you out as much as they’ve helped me!

1. Switching to gel polish –  Gel or shellac polishes are glossy, beautiful and last much longer than regular polish without chipping. I do mine at home, but you can also ask for a gel manicure at a salon if you haven’t done so already. Let me tell you, the money spent at a salon or time you take doing it yourself is totally worth it. The days of chipped polish will be over, darling.

2. Airbrushing foundation –  Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieved such flawless coverage? Behind the scenes, they’ve got professionals that airbrush their makeup before they go on camera. Airbrushing my foundation has been a part of my beauty routine since 2009. I had previously used Mac Studio Fix foundation and other liquid foundations. Now, I can’t even touch those. Compared to airbrushing, those seem sticky, goopy, heavy, messy and the coverage is shoddy. Once you airbrush, you’ll never go back. tumblr_ne803w7oaM1st8cb5o1_12801-245x300

3. Contouring and highlighting – Simple contouring can take you from cute to glamorous in a few seconds. Even on my “no-makeup” or “au naturale” days, I still contour and highlight. Your cheekbones will be chiseled, double chin virtually non-existent, and you’ll appear to be alert and glowing.

4. Illuminators – Now that we’re on the subject of glowing,  illuminators that you apply under your makeup will give your skin a healthy glow that will turn back the clock and prompt bartenders to ask for your ID. 🙂  My favorite is Benefit’s High Beam, but I’m currently giving a few other brands a trial run to see how they work out. I’m currently using Nyx “Born to Glow” and these from Elf. My dentist asked me how old I was, and said I could pass for a teenager! Vampire, maybe?

5. Color-depositing conditioner– store bought or homemade will do,  my wacky-colored hair friends. Next time you dye your hair with vegetable-based dyes like Manic Panic, pick up an extra one and whip yourself up a batch of color-depositing conditioner.  I make my red conditioner, but feel free to follow my tutorial if your color of choice! You’ll be coloring your hair a lot less, and the days of the murky, faded color you experience in- between dyes will be a thing of the past. You can use Manic Panic’s “Raven” for a black conditioner, and “Virgin Snow” for blondes (this will help remove the brassiness and give you a more platinum blonde). This method also works for pastel shades!

These are a handful of things that I’ve stumbled upon that have completely changed the way I get dressed. Hopefully sharing them today will make it easier on you. Being beautiful is hard work, after all. What are some of your favorite beauty discoveries or “hacks”? 🙂


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