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If pastels aren’t your thing, the thought of coloring Easter eggs might make you cringe. I’m definitely not a pastel-lovin’, rule-followin’ kind of girl. I dug up a few alternative Easter egg decorating ideas from around the web for people like us. 🐰🐣🌸




1 – Spiked Punk Rock Egg

I posted this on Facebook as soon as I saw it, but check out this punk rock egg! It’s quite simple to make, but maybe a little tedious. These could also be considered black metal eggs. All you need is a plastic Easter egg, black spray paint, a drill and different sized spikes. The drill is for pre-drilling tiny holes into the plastic. Click here to view the full tutorial on Instructables!



2 – Galaxy Eggs

You know my love for space! These eggs are out of this world! I remember creating something like this on paper in elementary school and thinking I was a modern day Picasso. I, no matter how trendy it might be, enjoy galaxy print everything. These eggs legitimately rock my world.



3 – Shimmery Eggs

Shimmery eggs are sure to grab attention, and are undoubtedly unique. You could even tell your kids these are dragon’s eggs and they probably won’t question it. Play with colors, they’ll turn out gorgeous! I have a slight infatuation with magenta and dark purple together, that’s the combination I’d aim for, personally.


4 – Hibiscus Dyed Eggs

Who thought hibiscus could dye eggs so well? These create a marbled effect that reminds me of my kitchen floors! I absolutely love how these look, I’ve never seen this effect on eggs before. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen marbling like this on anywhere other than on various floors. These might just be my favorite of the 10. View them in all of their glory over at Hello Glow.


5 – Glossy Black

When in doubt or a time crunch, opt for a chic solid black. I don’t even have to be in doubt to reach for chic solid black, it’s so classy. The source for these, Hugs for Bears, doesn’t include a tutorial–but I imagine all you’d need is some glossy black spray paint, perhaps even an acrylic clear coat to really pump up the shine.



6 – Black and White Designs

Or, simple black and white designs created using different methods. Anything and everything around your home could be used as a design tool–even a few sharpie pens if you have a steady hand.



7 – Foiled Eggs

These look mighty fun. Not exactly in my preferred dark color scheme but they can be. I love painting things gold, for some reason. Slap some royal, velvety colors on those babies and foil away!


8 – Shabby Chic French Decoupage Eggs

You can almost decoupage anything. These may be a little messy when you make them, but the possibilities are endless. If you’re not into the shabby chic look, perhaps use comic book paper instead? That would turn some heads for sure!

9 – Chalkboard Eggs

Chalkboard everything appears to be a dying trend, but also an Easter egg dying trend if you see what I did there. 😉 You can paint them with the chalkboard paint, and let everyone else do the rest.

At this point in time, I don’t have family that celebrates Easter or children so I can afford to avoid it. From a religious standpoint, it’s not really my thing. I prefer to see Easter as a celebration of fertility and the welcoming of the Spring season.

When the day comes for me to dive into the Easter spirit (and it will!). I will use this lovely curated post as a compass.  😉

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