How To: Goth Vanity Table and Makeup Storage

The Haunted Housewife - A Vanity To Die For
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My home decor style is vastly different than most. Think spooky.  It should come as no surprise that my vanity table isn’t a white, frilly and floral space.

Frankenstein’s Vanity Setup

I have two of Ikea’s Alex drawer systems ($79.99 each) with a Linmon table top ($10.99). To prevent sliding, I have them stuck together using mounting tape squares in each corner.


The mirror and the lights include Ikea’s Kolja mirror ($9.99) and two Musik light fixtures ($14.99 each). The light fixtures are meant to be installed into the walls electrical wiring, but I rigged them to plug in and work with a switch. I have a button under the lip of the table top to turn the lights on and off. I learned how to do this in patrickstarrr’s tutorial from YouTube:

**This requires some minor electrical work, so please proceed carefully!**

Here's a brighter and better photo of my set up!


On the vanity itself, the top has all my bigger essentials out and ready when I need them. The skull container that I’ve turned into a makeup brush holder is from World Market that I picked up around Halloween. I have another one I made myself, click here to see that post!  I have my Belletto airbrush compressor and stylus, and my Conair magnified mirror.



To the right of my vanity, I have four of Ikea’s Ribba photo ledges in black ($9.99 each) up to showcase my perfumes. I consider myself to be a little scent-crazy, of course I’m not so much compared to some! I tend to buy the smaller (or even better, sample) sizes because I switch perfumes every time and it takes me forever to finish a bottle. The Archie, Veronica and Betty tin (yep, it’s a tin!) I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

To the left of my vanity, I have this acrylic nail polish rack. My nail polish collection is tiny at the moment, ever since I switched to gel polishes and gave my regular polishes to a friend. [Idea: you can also use the Ribba photo ledges for your nail polishes!]

Let me show you how I organize my drawers. The Alex units both have 5 drawers each, but I only use 5 total for my makeup. The other drawers house other odds and ends I won’t be including in this post.

Inside The Drawers



Left Top– This is my “main” drawer, and the first one I usually reach for. I have sections for blushes, concealers, and eyebrows. I have my lipsticks and lip glosses in their sections, as well as a section for mascaras. The pencils go in the middle. The drawer organizer here is the Room Essentials 6-Compartment organizer from Target, for $5.99.



Left Middle – This drawer contains all the secondary stuff I reach for as well as some odds and ends. I’ve got my airbrush foundations, samples, primers, illuminators, tools, chapsticks and airbrush spare parts. The drawer organizers here are these 3-compartment organizers found at Target. I’m using four (4) of them in this drawer, and they sit in there perfectly width-wise. These are $3.49 each.



Left Bottom – I keep all of my palettes in this drawer so they’re close when I need them. I don’t have them organized any certain way; I just tend to pop them in there. I don’t consider myself to have a lot of makeup, but most of the makeup I do have is in palettes so this drawer is very near and dear to my heart.



Right Top – This is where I keep the last of my makeup, the beginnings of my hair goodies and my bottles of stuff like airbrush cleaner, acetone, etc. The drawer organizers here are more of those 3-compartment organizers found at Target. I’m using three (3) of them in this drawer.  Again, these are $3.49 each.



Right Middle– I store all of my loose shadows and glitters in this drawer. I’ve got my Sugarpill, Manic Panic, MAC pigments, and a few different Indie brands as well. The organizers I used here are Ikea’s Variera spice jar organizers, for $3.99 each. Three of these fit in there perfectly side-by-side. That concludes my makeup drawers!



Convenience is key, so I have a tin mail-sorter on the right side of my vanity for hair tools such as my  Chi flat iron. I picked this container up at my favorite home store, At Home for $12.99. They don’t have a website you can shop from, unfortunately. But it’s right there, next to my designated flat-ironing hand, ready to go!

In the future, I may add a third light bar on top of the mirror. But as for now, I’m pretty proud of how everything looks, although it has taken quite a while to get everything perfect. Perfect being convenient to reach, organized and pretty! I hope I’ve inspired you to create a gorgeous getting-ready space for yourself! 🙂



May 7, 2015