About the Haunted Housewife

Call me Samberlina.  I’m a twenty-something Texas blogger that enjoys makeup, glitter, rainbow hair, gargoyles, the paranormal, and everything spooky. Immersing myself in the things I enjoy is fun, that’s the reason I created the Haunted Housewife.

Interestingly, my interests fly from one side of the spectrum to the other. To top it off, I’m a mega introvert! Curses!

Over time I’ve learned to accept that I’m different and that I will never fit in.

I’ve stopped wanting to. In fact, these days… I crave the opposite. The Haunted Housewife is the garden in which my fierce carnivorous plants grow.

The Universe Had Other Plans For This Introvert

The Haunted HousewifeIn a confusing twist of fate, the stars aligned and the universe picked me to be a blogger. Blogging as a hobby snuck up on me in 2012, and things just sort of fell into place.

My interest in photography, computers, html code, and the internet were just breadcrumbs the universe has left for me to follow.

Those breadcrumbs have led me right here, to you. We must have more in common than you think.

What many of us we fail to realize is that we are meant to stand out. The magic happened when I realized this and decided to be the girl and the blog of my own damn dreams.

I am not any richer, smarter, prettier, funnier or more talented than you are. All I do is try: I put forth the effort to improve myself and inspire others. This website, the Haunted Housewife, is my diary of adventures, a scrapbook of learning experiences and a portfolio of photos.

Enough about me, I’m more interested in you.

Drop me a line sometime, tell me about your personal struggles.  My email address is sam@thehauntedhousewife.com.

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