Airbrushing your Makeup

Airbrushing your makeup doesn’t have to be hard at all… in fact, once you get the hang of it, it’s an incredibly fast and easy way to achieve a flawless face.

Airbrush machines are plugged into the wall, you put makeup into the little bowl on the brush itself (the metal piece), you turn on your compressor (the bigger square-shaped piece) and it sprays makeup onto your face.
Airbrushing is popular amongst magazines and anywhere else you’ll find professional makeup artistry  because of it’s flawless coverage. They are also used by non-cosmetic artists and body painters.
You can use an airbrush to apply:

  • foundation
  • highlight/contour
  • blush
  • eyeshadow
  • eyeliner

I recommend starting with a beginners kit that includes the machine itself and a handful of foundation shades. I use the Belletto Studio kit, but I also own a Dinair kit. My foundation of choice is Dinair in Vanilla, but I’m so super pale I have to mix it with white for it to match my face.

If you’ve got skin on the oily side, using a dryer foundation (such as Dinair) would be ideal. If your skin is more dry, you won’t mind using a dewy foundation. (By the way, if you’re worried about your shade, Dinair does color matching for free). I have also tried OCC foundation, it was too dewy and I didn’t like it. However,  I use OCC’s primary colors for mixing.
I love the fact that you can mix colors; this is especially awesome for eye shadows. I don’t use my airbrush for eye shadows personally because they tend to come out more matte and I prefer a little bit of shimmer.


They have stencils you can buy for lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, and I also have a leopard stencil to use when I’m feeling catty. (see what I did there?)
If you’re wanting to try airbrushing, I recommend Dinair ($99) over Belletto ($135) because I prefer the matte finish with tumblr_n3oi6qlIkY1st8cb5o3_1280their makeup; it dries on contact. Belletto machines are more quiet, and their foundation is a bit more dewy. It depends on your preferences. If you decide to go with airbrushing:

  • apparently airbrushing your makeup has a learning curve, I took to it right away but a friend of mine had to try it a few times to get it right. For me and Dinair, it was love at first sight.
  • the kits come with instructional dvds and they’re super helpful
  • make sure you clean your machine after each use. Don’t allow makeup to dry in the cup if you can help it. If you take good care of your machine, you won’t have any issues (clogging, etc).
  • keep a bottle of traditional foundation, or powder, as backup. Airbrush machines require electricity. What happens if there’s a storm and your power goes out? It has happened to me before and I’ve learned my lesson
  • never put non-airbrush makeup into an airbrush machine. It will clog it, and will be a huge disaster.
  • Give it a try, you just might fall in love!

Photo credit: Idhren / Foter / CC BY-SA