All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Remember in the Shining when Jack accepts a job to maintain the Overlook Hotel for the winter, and he ends up losing it and going on a murderous rampage? Welcome to my Winter of Solitude. 😈

Pulling Inspiration From Unexpected Sources

In my last loud-mouthed blog post, I blabbed about how I wasn’t going to pump out a post if I wasn’t feeling inspired. That’s exactly what my Winter of Solitude is about. Back to the Shining for a sec: another reason Jack accepted the job at the Overlook was to write a book. Totally digging that I’m comparing myself to a movie psycho. 🔪

You can find inspiration in the strangest of places. I find it in messes, the worst emotions, escaping the city, the wilderness, getting lost, untangling myself from risky situations, art, and poetry.

Not all of those things are good things, however. Life isn’t always sunflowers and butterflies–learn to use the bad days to your advantage.

White Nights

Last year, I photographed snow for the first time. Discovering that snow actually glitters when the light hits it, and feeling it hit my cheek literally brought me to tears. The following photo is my favorite. That’s the reflection of real snowflakes under the light and not glitter, confetti or any kind of effect. A handful of the snowy photos I took last year can be seen here, on my Flickr account. ❄️

The experience made such an impact on me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it again. Therefore, my camera and I are back up north for round 2. It’s December, and we’re waiting on snow.

All Work and No Play

It’s never really work– blogging, photography, and writing is something I’m only strict with so I can squeeze in some extra alone time. That can be our little secret. 🤫

The part about solitude is crucial to organize my thoughts, to perfect my craft, and to grow a little bit as a person. The idea behind isolating myself from everything I adore is to remove distractions. The goal is to allow my mind to wander and to follow it.

I’ve been water coloring using the glittery, colorful, sweet-smelling water of my Lush bath while simultaneously listening to music and catching up on American Horror Story. Yeah, water coloring while in the bath is quite dreamy. ✨☁️

I look totally intense in this photo, and it wasn’t one I intended to keep. The stranger behind me and I look like we’re about to drop a sick rap album, and we were apparently wearing matching hoodies.

Moving Forward Means Letting Go Again

My roommate added this song to a playlist for me and it was a good call. If he reads my blog, he needs to beat it! SCRAM, kid! (Thanks for the solid recommendation though, I’ve temporarily removed you from my enemies list.)

While it’s only snowed once so far, I can’t wait for more glittery goodness. My Winter of Solitude is serving it’s intended purpose thus far. Progress can be seen everywhere–this post, my last post, the chromatic cleaver image, and the recent images on my Instagram account. I’m a proud little weirdo! 😎

Don’t be afraid to explore the darkness, without it we’d never appreciate the light.

November 21, 2017


  • Sara Montague Miller

    Love your photo of snow! I remember the first time I realized that snowflakes actually do have all those beautiful designs like the kind you cut out from paper–so beautiful! I live in the deep south and haven’t seen snow since I’ve had my macro lens–that’s definitely on my photo wish list!

    • I’m from the deep south, too! It was so so beautiful, I was crying over it lol. Sobbing so hard I had to go back inside for a moment to calm down! Haha

  • Gosh I absolutely love your blog!!!! And your picture of the shimmering snowflakes sums up the reason why I love this weather so much (we’re under 50cm of snow right now!) ♥

    • I’m so glad you like it! I’m so jealous it’s snowing where you’re at! I’m still waiting on snow… it’s freezing outside, just no snow yet 🙁

  • Victoria Rowe (The Real Blonde

    Oh my, that photo of now is absolutely amazing! We don’t get snow where I live, so I’m always amazed every time I see it!

    • Thank you! It was the first time I had *really* been in the snow, it was such a magical moment!

  • Solitude is so necessary sometimes… Sometimes it’s absolutely crucial. I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself.

  • Marissa Pedersen

    That snow photo is amazing! I had no idea it glittered like that.

  • Sara Nichols

    Those snowflake photos are beautiful!

  • Kate

    I’d never thought of water coloring in the bath, but it sounds like a really cozy way to spend a chilly evening!

  • Shannon Paige

    I always love your writing so much! Totally agree about only posting when inspired, or else, why at all? I hope you enjoy your winter of solitude and don’t let being away for the holidays dim your sparkle too much 🙂 Those sparkly snowflakes, what a stunning photo! I love watching the snow glint at night it really does sparkle.

    • Thank you! 💕 Sparkly snow is my fave, I’m still waiting for a real good snow this year so I can get out there and take pics.