Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol. 1

A few years back, my goal was to experiment with lip colors. Fast forward to 2017, my lipstick arsenal has multiplied exponentially. Yet, sometimes I still consider myself too shy to explore certain bold shades. My main roadblock is this: why spend $5-$20 on a lip color you may never wear in public?

It’s Playtime

The same rings true for all lipsticks when you think about it. Experimenting with shades is mighty important though, and that’s where the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol. 1 comes into play. And boy, do I mean PLAY!

Dashing Good Looks

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette is plastic with a clear hinged lid. It’s quite sturdy and made well. Like a true pro, it comes with a mixing plate and a lip brush that has a spatula on the other end of it.

The palette comes with 18 matte shades, including your primaries and of course black and white. The shades are creamy and easy to mix, and the included lip brush/spatula hybrid makes it even easier.

How Does It Hold Up?

Every color in this palette is highly pigmented; a little goes a long way. Being lipsticks, they don’t stay on as well as, say, a long wear liquid lip. You may have to touch up your color after eating, drinking, after a hot date or a long work day. You could mix up a little extra to pop into a tiny container when you’re on the go. Keep in mind that it will rub off quite easily.

The Bottom Line

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol. 1 is mega innovative and handy.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to experiment with lip colors or save money mixing up your custom shades.  With 18 shades to mix, your lipstick collection is virtually limitless. There are even recipes you can use as a guide on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website  Anastasia Beverly Hills website and multiple blogs.

This palette has been a staple in my collection since I got it, and I wanted to tell you all about it! You can snatch one from the ABH website for $48. Have fun! 💄💋

The Haunted Housewife - Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol. 1