New Hair: Arctic Fox


BEFORE: Red and purple

When us gals are in the midst of big life changes, an urge to change our hair hits us like a ton of bricks. Sometimes.

For the past couple of years, my red hair has been everything. As recently as June, I was anti-blonde and anti-every-other-color. Red was my ride or die.

Then, without warning, I made an impulsive decision to fade my red hair to a gorgeous peach color, bleach it, and dye it. I started off with my purple/red combination that you see on the left. To get as much of the color out as possible, I washed my hair with anti-dandruff shampoo every day for about a week. The color faded to this gorgeous, peachy, almost-rose-gold color, that you see here:



This was after using ColorOops Extra Strength

From there, I used Color Oops Extra Strength and to my surprise, my hair was blonde. A mixed, yellow blonde… which is my natural hair color.


It was so much of a shock that I was pretty upset the next day. I felt like I had lost my identity–I had regrets and I missed the red immediately. I resisted the temptation to go red all over again; but I did cry over it. I didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. It was honestly much deeper than I expected. I was changing my physical appearance, and I never thought it would effect me emotionally. It was one of the strangest feelings I had ever experienced, and I’ve experienced a ton of strange feelings.

After using the Color Oops, I whipped up some bleach shampoo and bleached it a bit using L’Oreal Quick Blue powder bleach and 30 volume developer. I finished with Wella Color Charm toner in T18 (white lady). I left the toner on or only about 10 minutes. I regret not leaving it on the full 30!



Some parts were still too dark for comfort, so I waited 4 days or so and did another bleach shampoo using the same stuff, and toned it again using the same shade by Wella. This time it was a little bit lighter; it’s not quite platinum but I didn’t want to bleach it any more. I settled for this blonde, and went ahead with my colorful scheme.


After using Manic Panic forever, and not really liking how quickly it faded, I decided to go with a brand I haven’t used before that I had recently heard some good things about. I ordered some Arctic Fox hair color from Hot Topic (they were having a 30% of sale, online only!) The colors I chose are: Virgin Pink, Purple Rain and Poisedon. I had no plan, and no real vision of what I wanted. I kind of just winged it and the results came out better than I expected!


I applied Poseidon, the dark blue, to my roots and blended it down some. The mid-shaft is where I applied the Purple Rain, and I left the ends for Virgin Pink. I blended them together some to avoid it looking so choppy and it came out so pretty! Poseidon is such a shock though, it’s so bright! I’m hoping these colors will last for a month or two, then at that point I’ll change them again. I’m not sure what colors I’ll choose next! 🙂

This totally doesn’t excuse my 3-week-long absence. I’ve just been kind of existing lately; trying to figure out my thoughts and stuff. I’ve missed blogging so much though! I hope you’ve been well 🙂