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Those Strange Looking Makeup Brushes 🖌

Okay, I might be fashionably late to hop on this trend but I doubt I’m the only one! Most of us have seen the strange tooth-brush style makeup brushes being featured in youtube and instagram beauty videos over and over again; they intrigue us and are hard to ignore. Those are the beautiful and mysterious Artis brand brushes. The day curiosity killed the cat, though, was when I decided to peruse the Artis website. Cause of death: shock due to the prices of those babies! I needed to do a little more research on them before I invest.img_3701

I decided to pass at the time because I was only mildly curious, after all… As time went on, I’d stumble across rave reviews all over the interwebz reminding me of  how life-changing these brushes are. Eventually, the beauty geek fever got me and I decided to look up dupes. I scoured Amazon and found the Sancan Makeup Brush set in the beauty department, with stellar reviews and decided to take the plunge. It wasn’t so bad considering the entire Sancan set is half of what I’d pay for the one Artis brush I wanted to try the most (the Oval 7). I had been using the Beauty Blender (as well as the Real Techniques sponge) prior to trying these out.


The Verdict

Let me just say this: if you’re new to these brushes, they’re so hard to get used to! The smaller ones help you reach inconvenient places that the typical makeup sponge might miss.  They’re very dense and soft, they reduce the time I apply my makeup by far.

I struggled a bit with powder contour, but then I started using cream contour and noticed a huge improvement. Since then, blending has been an absolute breeze!

I’ve found that I prefer the Beauty Blender for my foundation and concealer, though. I can’t get as smooth a finish using the Sancan brushes. The smaller brushes come in handy for lipstick and eyeliner application! You get so much more control over what you’re doing with this style of brush. brushes2

These are my experiences going from using a Beauty Blender for everything to the toothbrush-style brushes such as Artis, opting for the Sancan brand as an inexpensive alternative. It’s clear to me how this trend exploded into the beauty world; I have more control over how I paint my face and I’m able to reach difficult areas that the Beauty Blender cannot.

Hopefully in the future I’ll learn to master using them for foundation application, too. I’m still experimenting a little with that. I’m going to try using a primer oil with the foundation to see if that improves the finish! I’ll report back with my findings. 🙂

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