At-Home Teeth Whitening: Smile Fearlessly + Giveaway

[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. The following product was sent in exchange for an honest post, all opinions are my own. Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. Click here to view my disclosure policy.]

My mouth is important to me, considering how often I run it. Yo! I’m honest. 😎

No, but for realsies: I’ve always been meticulous about oral hygiene, and the appearance of my smile. The upkeep of my teefies are a big part of my grooming routine, which goes a little something like this: my eyebrows are lookin’ mega fly, I’ve exfoliated my face, sugar scrubbed my lips, now it’s time to brush my teeth, floss, clean my tongue and whiten my teeth.  Lately, that last bit has been a breeze because I’ve discovered  Smile Brilliant.

Polishing Pearls

Whitening doesn’t happen every day; I finish a teeth whitening kit once a year and that’s usually good enough for me. I suppose I don’t drink enough coffee or wine to stain my teeth —or maybe I’m just lucky. I did inherit my mother’s beautiful smile, after all. It’s also possible that my rock-solid beauty routine has paid off. 💪🏻 I dig it.

Instagram lurkers will notice that I, for reasons I cannot explain, don’t smile in a lot of my selfies. However this is proof that I can, and do, #SmileFearlessly.

My at-home whitening experiments started when I was a teen, and throughout the years I’ve tried all kinds of tomfoolery. The popular strips, the wax strips, the light kits, and the brush on gels. I need to be able to talk and go on with my life while I do this.

The strips slide, and the brush on gels make me feel like I’m foaming at the mouth (rabies?! 👹). With the wax strips,  if I pressed hard enough I could mold them to my teeth and I’d be able to somewhat talk. However, I had a very prominent there’s-something-in-my-mouth lisp.  I mean, it’s wax.

The Mouth of Wax. Goodness. It sounds like I’m trying to say The House of Wax with a lisp. *CRINGE*

Smile Brilliant is Mouth Magic

Smile Brilliant, unlike a lot of the store-bought whitening systems, grants you the magic ability to speak while you’re taking care of your whitening business. This is because they use trays that are custom fitted to your teeth. Bonus: they will work if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight, as that seems to be another issue people have with the one-size-fits-all whitening products in the stores.

How Does It Work?

Smile Brilliant mailed me a kit to make my own impressions of my teeth, right at home. This involved mixing a couple of colored putties together quickly, fitting it into the trays and sliding my teeth into the squishy goodness, ever so carefully.

My first thought: Gosh golly, that sure is a lot of responsibility to drop into my wild little hands. 😅

The time limit made me nervous, so I watched a couple of YouTube videos and after that I nailed it on my first try. No mess, no disaster. What a relief. I mailed my impressions back to them, and had my custom trays in my mailbox a week later.

The trays came out perfect, and they fit my teeth like a glove. I went from doubting my impression-making ability to over-confident and envisioning my future career as a teeth-impression-making artist. 👩🏻‍🎨

Out of my fantasy and back to reality: the trays are so thin that I can hardly feel them, which makes talking effortless. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Trash talk, non stop. Yeah, baby. 🗣💕

The proof is in the puddin’.

The custom trays keep the whitening gel snug against my teeth, ensuring maximum effectiveness. ✨Sparkly fangs!✨

The Results

My teeth whitened pretty dramatically on the very first session. Besides my sparkly new fangs, the second most dazzling part about this whole experience is: I can whiten for hours while carrying on heated debates with my roommates. Smile Brilliant gives me the freedom to continue on with my life as normal.  What a wonderful world. 🌈

Discount Code + Giveaway!

Smile Brilliant has been generous enough to offer all readers of The Haunted Housewife a discount, should you choose to snag this magic for yourself. Use the coupon code “thehauntedhousewife10” at checkout for 10% off all products.

It’s Spooky Season. Treat Yo’Self!

They’re also giving away an entire teeth whitening kit ($139 value) to one of my lucky readers! The giveaway is open for one week. Click here to enter the giveaway.

If you win, we can flash our sparkly fangs around town #twinning. 👯

Tooth Whitening Gel

Skip the dentist, skip the whitening strips, here's what actually works. Smile Brilliant is so, SO much more effective!


  • Wow, that really is a visible difference. I need to try this myself. I drink way too much coffee and my teeth are totally stained. I try whitening toothpaste but your results are much better.

    • Oh heck yeah, I’m sure it’ll work wonderfully on coffee stains! I hope you entered the giveaway, it would be cool to grab a kit for yourself to try out!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I used this and got great results too! I love how whiter it makes our teeth!

    • Yeah, it’s like magic! I was thinking about trying the dentist method that they do with the blue light. But I guess I don’t have to spend all that cash now, afterall! 🙂

  • Oh wow it really works! I need to check this out!

  • Looks like a good product. I have whitening trays from a dentist and buy the professional products on Ebay.

    • I’ve never thought about that! That’s what Smile Brilliant is trying to accomplish… dentist results without actually having to go to the dentist lol!

  • Sharon Glascoe

    Woah!! What a difference this kit made. I need to give it a shot myself, for sure!

  • You are just the cutest! Your teeth look amazing. :]

    • Thank you! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve actually whitened, I was just checking to see how long the “glowy” teeth would last and they’re still lookin’ good! I’m impressed!

  • Cat Chiang

    I love your smile! I’ve been interested in trying these tray methods since they seem like they’d get between your teeth unlike strips!

    • Thanks! Yep, the tray methods seem to work a lot better than the strips for me, they get in every crevice.