Beetlejuice Inspired Outdoor Accents

The Haunted Housewife - Beetlejuice Inspired Garden Accents! We are seizing stripes today!


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Vertical Stripes

Spring is in full swing here in Texas, and my goal for this season is to create a beautiful outdoor living space in my back yard. I’ve been looking around at patio sets for the last month or so and I think we’ve settled on a table and chairs from At Home. I’m extremely frugal, but you know I’m a little obsessed with this black and white striped pagoda umbrella from One King’s Lane. It reminds me so much of Beetlejuice the movie, so I decided to throw a wishlist together of Beetlejuice inspired outdoor living items!!

traditional-outdoor-cushions-and-pillowsI found a set of these black and white striped outdoor throw pillows that will 81zImuif+bL._SL1500_match perfectly with the umbrella. They come in a variety of sizes and come in a set of four from Houzz. Another color used in Beetlejuice is lime green; so another idea is to get a couple lime green throw pillows and well to add to a couple chairs. If I end up expanding our outdoor seating even more, I’m going to throw in one or two solid dark purple throw pillows as well.

71ytYXfzOJL._SL1500_Spooky Flamingos

I have two sets of these Skelemingos (skeleton flamingos) that I picked up from a local grocery store last Halloween (and would totally buy more and cover  my entire back yard with them if I could!). I haven’t really been able to get good pictures of them outside since my yard has been a disaster but I absolutely adore them! They’ll definitely have their place once my yard is all put together again!

Iconic Planter

MRA0128901The black and white planter was found at Post & Grant for nearly $1,000. I suggest making a do-it-yourself version yourself! I found this tutorial at Dimples and Tangles that I will be trying out very soon.

I’m also looking at ways to light up the area at night, and I haven’t found anything that I’m super crazy about! Do you have any bright ideas? (See what I did there?) If you’ve got any outdoorsy (or not) items up your sleeve that I would love, please tell me about them! See ya tomorrow! 🙂



May 7, 2015