Blogger Gone Rogue


/rōg/ noun 1. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; renegade: a rogue cop; a rogue union local.

Come here often? The Haunted Housewife is my comfy corner of the internet; and while it doesn’t really seem as such, letting you in to read what I’ve written is an intimate experience. You’re essentially reading my diary. Did you know that? 

Peeling Back The Layers

Oh, blogging. My craving to learn the ins and outs of a subject consumes me, and I read a lot of books. Knowledge is power–it really, truly is. These eyes have passed over their fair share of books, articles, and e-courses thrown out into cyberspace to “help” you build a “successful” blog.

Many times I’ve stumbled into the dark alley, and right into the arms of a few disingenuous bloggers hoping to make a quick buck off of the young hopefuls. A lot of blogger-to-blogger content is immensely helpful. I’ve even blogged about blogging myself but without the intention of selling you an e-book you don’t need.

To me, my readers are my friends and I will share what I’ve learned with you for free.

Cookie-Cutter Content Creators

Most of the advice I’ve gathered reads as if it’s the blueprint to blogging success. If everybody is following those instructions, nobody is standing out.  Pro-tip: there is no straight-forward blueprint to blogging success.

Blogging has it’s own set of “rules” that that are meant to guide you in the direction of more traffic, higher engagement or whatever it is that bloggers crave. What do you crave?

Each blogger’s success is unique to that person, and that kind of magic you can’t replicate by following the rules. Do you really need me to tell you not to follow the status quo? ✨

Earth Shaking, Rule Breaking

My blog is an ever-changing piece of myself that grows when I grow and morphs into whatever I’m feeling at the time. When it comes to my blog, numbers don’t fulfill me–I feel successful when I pour my emotions into my writing. That high I get when the words I type match the words I feel… that’s what I crave. In my opinion, it doesn’t get more real or more raw than that.

My beef with blogging has been snowballing since the game started for me, but I hinted at my frustration with it at the end of this post.

Rules from the Blogger Rule Book, and how I’m breaking them:

  • Maintaining a posting schedule for consistency — If I’m feeling uninspired, find me in the woods. Quality over quantity or consistency, always.
  • Sticking to 2-3 subjects — My interests are all over the place, and I’m not the type to box myself in. Are you only interested in only 2-3 things? Of course not.
  • People pleasingOof! This is a big one and it covers a lot of itty bitty things, for example: the use of family-friendly language and content, steering clear of unpopular opinions, etc. Wait a minute–am I blogging for you, or for me? 7 billion people on this planet and you’re telling me I’m going to be shunned for talking about n00dz or saying fuck on my own blog every once in a while?

That’s a big ol’ NOPE with all the bells and whistles. I’m very much done with the people pleasing.

If you’re a numbers person, I do notice an upward trend the more I run my mouth. People can tell when a blogger is being genuine and you best believe they can tell when you’re watering yourself down.

Look, I’m not going to tell you how to run your life, your career or your blog. I only want you to be completely proud of what you’ve accomplished for yourself.

Are you happy following the road map to another person’s success? Bloggers… come at me in the comments. How do you feel about this?

November 13, 2017
December 1, 2017


  • This was truly a great reading experience! had me giggling at some points but it was also super informative and encouraging. Love it!

  • Sarah Seifried

    It’s always important to keep your own voice (you’re doing a great job of that) and follow your own path. Break free from the cookie cutter!!

  • Shannon Graham

    Amen to that! There’s no need to “fit in.” It’s whatever your style or vibe is, that’s what people want to see!

  • Shannon Paige

    I love this post so much. The idea for it is so great and I so agree with all of the points- especially not having one topic (LOL my blog) and not writing just to write consistently if you are not inspired. Also…people have lives besides blogging and it’s busy. It’s not easy to blog 3 times a week lol. Also, did you make that blogger gone rogue graphic at the top? I’m taking a graphic design class so definitely noticing that stuff more…. love it….

  • Numbers don’t fulfill me either – creating recipes for my blog does. I have read so many articles on what bloggers should be doing – some of which is bad information. I think it’s important to find what’s right for you.

    • I agree with you there. There’s a lot of info out there, for sure. You never know if the writer is actually wanting to be helpful!

  • This is so awesome, I did get your email! Thank you so much 🙂