Burlington Coat Factory Halloween ’16 

Burlington Coat Factory’s Halloween section is quite tiny, but I decided to include it on my blog anyway for those curious. The best item, in my opinion, is the skeleton teapot! I am also smitten with that Jack O’ Lantern pillow. I’ve mentioned before that I steer clear of orange but Jack O’ Lanterns are pretty much the unofficial symbol of Halloween. For that reason, I like to have a couple here and there!

This teapot, though! I’m really hoping that they’ll add more stuff the closer it gets to Halloween. I can’t remember if they also sell costumes or not, as I don’t really go in there much. I was honestly a little surprised at how small their selection was. It could be that it’s still too early, so I’ll pop in there every couple weeks to see if anything has changed!


September 12, 2016


  • Funny, I just posted about these guys last week, too! But your store has a LOT more stuff than mine did. They did have some nice skulls, tho.