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The Haunted Housewife - Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters

If you’re new to strobing, this is where I strobe my face! Strobing will give you a healthy glow.

Noticing that I needed some new highlighters in my life,  when Colourpop had that 20% off sale I grabbed four. I also got some ultra matte liquid lipsticks that I swatched and talked about here.  Yeah, I know these are called highlighters, but I use them for strobing. I use a matte powder palette for highlighting and contouring my face. Strobing is something I do separately, on top of my highlight and contour.

Cream Of The Crop

These are not powder highlighters; they’re very light and moussey. They feel like cream eye shadows but nowhere near as thick. They come in little screw-top 4.2 gram containers. They’ve got 18 different shades that are all pearlized; the four I’ve chosen are Sticky Sweet, Hippo, Monster, and Stole the Show.

Let me just say, it’s quite a challenge to get photos of shimmery anything. These highlighters were especially difficult to photograph on my skin. My DSLR just wasn’t picking up the shimmer correctly, so I used my phone for these. From left to right: Sticky Sweet, Monster, Hippo and Stole the Show.

Left to right: Sticky Sweet, Monster, Hippo and Stole the Show.

From left to right: Sticky Sweet, Monster, Hippo and Stole the Show.

A Challenge

Sticky Sweet is clearly way too dark for me to easily pull off as a highlighter, but I got this one because I had a dream about it before I knew the color even existed. It’s described as a deep violet with duo chrome finish. (If you’re not familiar with duo chromes, they reflect a different color). However, in my opinion, Sticky Sweet isn’t a duo chrome, it’s just pearlized.


I’m going to (eventually) find a way to wear this, or get bold and attempt to use it as a highlight.

Hippo is perfectly described as a soft, cool-toned icy lavender and that’s exactly what it is. It reminds me of something an ice queen would finish her look off with. hippo

Monster is a gorgeous duo chrome; described as light pink with a highly opalescent duo chrome finish. This is my second favorite of the few that I got, this duo chrome isn’t messing around!


My Favorite

Stole the Show is my favorite, as I tend to go for golds… and the gold. Described as light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold.


I’m kind of mad at myself for only getting four! I should get a couple more. Checking the website now, a lot of them are out of stock for the moment but I do have a wish list:

  • Dream Catcher – soft peachy gold with subtle pink duo chrome
  • Lunch Money – soft light gold with golden duo chrome
  • Wisp – golden champagne with gold duo chrome

See, I wasn’t kidding about going for that gold. I was entertaining the idea of getting a powder highlighting/strobing palette instead of trying these but I’m so glad I went with these instead! I apply them lightly with a damp beauty blender, they go on evenly and lightly giving you the option to build if you’d like.

The Verdict

These have quickly become the light of my life! If you’re curious about them, take the plunge. They’re $8 each on the Colourpop website. <3

May 30, 2016


  • Rachel Willis

    I had no idea there were different colors of highlighters! I am loving your color picks- they are all gorgeous! And I don’t think I could pull off the dark one, either.

  • First of all. I love your blog! Thanks for adding swatches to your post. We have similar skin tones. I have been meaning to check out this brand!

  • tp keane

    These are fantastic. I love the sheen colour and my fav has to be hippo. Love it.

  • Wow sticky sweet looks amazing! I too don’t feel too bold to wear it but you never know. Great swatches!

  • I’m a huge fan of ColourPop! I haven’t tried their highlighters before but I’ve been curious so this is very helpful!