The Creepy House: An Underwhelming Tale of Terror

The Haunted Housewife - Creepy House

I can’t take credit for the discovery of this beauty; it was stumbled upon one afternoon during a friend’s bike ride. It was brought to my attention and immediately, I had to see it.

All-Consuming Darkness

We made our way in the middle of the darkest night you could imagine, nothing to light our way but the moon, stars and the headlights of the car. It’s in the country between two Wisconsin towns. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to see it at all on that first night. The darkness between the car and the house seemed to soak up the light from the high beams.

I was standing outside of the car, in almost complete darkness with my back turned towards the woods in attempt to get a picture, “With flash,” I say, sure it would pick up something.

Surprise, surprise. It didn’t, and being vulnerable out there sent shivers down my spine. We had the plot and set of a horror movie here: stupid girl in the middle of nowhere at 3 A.M, unable to see anything, something rustling in the woods behind her. The most famous werewolf sightings took place just 20 miles from where I was standing. If you were to ask me what the hell I was thinking, I couldn’t tell ya.

At this point I knew absolutely nothing; I didn’t know what was waiting for me out in the darkness or if anyone or anything lived in that creepy house. I wasn’t entirely sure there was a house, the lot was like staring into a black hole compared to the well-lit neighboring homes.

However one thing was certain–whatever was waiting for me in that mysterious, dark spot up ahead could see me, while I couldn’t see it.

Imagining all of the terrifying possibilities, I spooked myself so much that I got back in the car and didn’t return until the next afternoon for pictures. I’m almost relieved I didn’t see it the first night because it’s quite ominous. The grass is dead and overgrown, weeds everywhere, wild vines crawling up the front of the old creepy house.

Still Scary, But Much Less Scary In Daylight

The large curtained window in the front has a different feel to it though. Almost sad–the inside of the creepy house is still furnished and withering away. If we could go back in time, would we see a happy (presumably human) couple picking out baby blue curtains for the living room?

Somebody once lived there.

What if something still does? 💀

Alternate titles considered:

  • A Night Where Something Bad Could Have Happened But Didn’t
  • Scaring Yourself Needlessly 101
  • Let’s Pretend We Make Good Life Decisions
  • We Got Lucky: The Moon Wasn’t Full Yet

Well, that was fun. Mom, and dad: don’t kill me for living so dangerously. You can’t ground me, I’m an adult! I ran into quite a few other spooky things during my time in Wisconsin. Click Here to read about the Witches of Whitewater! 👻


Photo credit: Soumyadeep Paul via / CC BY
Photo credit: Pannonius♛ via / CC BY-NC-SA