DIY Gargoyle Stocking Holders!

A Darker Christmas

Guess how this project started? I was searching for Christmas stocking holders that were more my style. Now that I have a mantel, I feel obligated to dress it up for Christmas. Problem: Finding stocking holders that appeal to those of us with darker tastes.

The ones I found online were: reindeer, snowflakes, trains, angels and the like. Where were the spooky ones? There weren’t any! That’s when the idea for Gargoyle stocking holders was born. Solution: We’re gonna make our own!

What You’ll Need

  • Walmart_stocking_holdersa set of basic, “blank” weighted stocking holders like these. Walmart has them for $8 in a variety of finishes
  • a pair of Dollar Store gargoyles or some similar to these
  • hot glue gun and gluesticks
  • optional: paint

Similar Products That Will Probably Work Fine:

What You’ll Do

Are you ready to have a spooky Christmas? Follow my lead: I have had these two gargoyles for several years that I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. They still sell them every Halloween apparently, because I saw them this year too! I should have picked up more, had I known I’d have an excellent use for them.

IMG_1664Being a diva about unmatched things, I wanted these cuties to somewhat match the stocking holder’s silver base, and I coated them in silver metallic craft paint using this technique. I wanted them to look a bit old, grungy and tarnished.


IMG_1665They dried wicked fast and I decided not to put a topcoat on them. After that I grabbed the stocking holders and hot-glued them to the base. I was practically screeching at this point out of excitement.


Aren’t they darling?

There they were, the most precious pair of gargoyles sitting atop my mantel holding stockings. Gargoyles. With stockings! Eeek! I’m already starting my Halloween list for next year. I’m thinking of getting a box of these gargoyles just in case. What do you think?