DIY Mermaid Sugar Scrub

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Spring and Summer are right around the corner, and I am heaving an icy sigh of relief. Winter weather dries my skin out like you wouldn’t believe!

Scales are great for actual mermaids but, spoiler alert: I’m not actually a mermaid. I’m a fake, a fraud, an imposter! And I can’t get down with dry, scaly skin. Not now, not ever, even if there’s a fire!

I am in need of a good exfoliation so I began experimenting with sugar scrub recipes today, and I’ve stumbled upon something magical.

Not out-of-this-world, oh no. More like under-the-sea.


 I bestow upon you this gift: a recipe for a DIY Mermaid Sugar Scrub.

This isn’t really a recipe, but a guide. Your sugar scrub is unique to you and depends entirely on your tastes. It can be any color, texture, and glittery only if you want it to be. The world is in your hands. You’re the Queen [or King] of the Sea, do your majestic kingdom good.

You will emerge from those blue seas (erm, bath) a glittery mermaid Goddess (or God)!

What You’ll Need

  1. Sugar – caster or granulated. I opted for regular granulated sugar.
  2. Food coloring – I chose green and blue to make a nice mermaid turquoise. The link will lead you to a perfect set of mermaid colors!  Mermaid colors include pastel purple, sea foam green, teal, bright blue, and coral!
  3. Cosmetic glitter of your choice. Must be cosmetic glitter, not craft glitter! Cosmetic glitter is safe for the eyes!
  4. Olive oil or coconut oil — I prefer coconut oil, but it hardens when it’s cold! I used extra virgin olive oil this round.
  5. Massage oil or some type of body-safe scent. I suggest coconut, as it goes with our “Under The Sea” theme. [You can also use liquid flavors for baking such as cotton candy, watermelon, or tutti frutti.]
  6. Bowl
  7. Spoon
  8. A mason jar or something cute for storage.

What You Do

  1. Start with a clean bowl, and about a cup or so of sugar. Crush the lumps with your hands or your spoDIY_sugar_scrubon.
  2. Throw in a spoonful of glitter [I added much more than a spoonful, but I suggest you start small!]
  3. Stir the glitter into the sugar until it’s mixed in evenly. Isn’t glittery sugar gorgeous? I chose gold glitter! It was called “Treasure Chest” how fitting!
  4. Time for color! You don’t want the color to be too dark or you can stain your skin. [Even if you did this on purpose, the staining is minimal and will likely wash off with a little bit of soap. ]
  5. Start with one drop, mix, and if you want it to be darker add in more one drop at a time, stirring in between. [I used 1 drop of green, and 1 drop of blue]
  6. You’re almost done! Finally, we add the oil. The oil helps the particles stick together, and leaves your skin feeling exfoliated and moisturized. Start with a spoonful at a time and mix until you achieve your desired consistency. Here is my desired consistency:

Experimenting with colors! In a separate bowl, I mixed some purple food coloring into some sugar, then added it to my turquoise sugar!

In the bath or shower, scrub the sugar into your skin and rinse! Your skin will feel baby-smooth and, as promised, you will emerge from those blue seas a sparkly mermaid Goddess (or God)!

If being sparkly isn’t your goal, I suggest lathering up and rinsing the glitter off before leaving the tub. That will remove the shimmer! 🙂

Stay pretty, friends! Don’t let the winter dull your sparkle! 🙂


February 17, 2015


  • Ashleigh

    Oh this looks so nice and something that would make a great homemade gift! I love the color, too! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Candy Kage

    Love finding a new sugar scrub and they make great gifts.

  • I love sugar scrubs, but I’ve never made my own! Thanks for the how-to!

  • Just the name makes me want to try this!

  • Samantha

    This is amazing! I’ve made a few sugar scrubs before, but I had no idea there was such thing as cosmetic glitter!!! That’s a total game changer!!! Thank you sooooooo much! (Can you tell I’m ridiculously giddy about this now?) 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, how pretty! I would have never thought about putting glitter in s sugar scrub, nor did I know there was a difference between craft and cosmetic glitter! Thanks for sharing.

  • StayWithMeonThis

    Lawd this is pretty. Aha I love “not out of this world but under the sea”. I feel like you could totally add some more colors and maybe sparkles and make a galaxy version! I bet you could sell this on Etsy no problem 🙂

  • OnceUponADollhouse

    We are mermaids too so naturally we should probably make some of this. Very original idea.

  • Denay DeGuzman

    I adore the name of this beautiful sugar scrub and the idea of adding in glitter! I’d love to try to make this at home and maybe a few extra batches for my daughters. Thank you so much for sharing instructions on how to make it. Have a great weekend!

  • Aarika Chilson

    This is beautiful. I love the addition of glitter. It is so sparkly! Great post.