DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Jars

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Halloween has always been my thing, from very little.  Needless to say, growing up and watching Nightmare Before Christmas was very influential because it showcased a world I wanted to live in and made what I was into more socially acceptable.

The Nightmare Before Christmas infatuation is real, mate.

Every part of the set was pretty much #goals for me, and when Sally pulls out the jars during the kitchen scene I had to have them. They’ve sat on my wish list, covered in cobwebs for several years. I have a feeling they might be #goals for you, too.


Our Goal

Disney released a set of official jars at one point, but they’re not very big and they don’t look as legit. Besides that, they’re terribly hard to find and they’re currently going for around $300 on Ebay! Let’s just create our own, shall we? Even if they don’t come out the way we want, we’ll use this as an opportunity to refine our skill 🙂


The Plan

The method is pretty simple: it’s clay (brand is Sculpey) over glass jars. You can use any jars you’d like, as it’s your creation. I chose the jars for their shape.

[Warning: Super Sculpey is listed as not being food safe, so I don’t recommend storing food in the jars. I just want to keep you safe, happy and healthy!]

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

I recently had to split up this post because it was very large! Let me introduce you to the teleportation pad, where would you like to go?



  • Candice D B

    I love your ideas!!! I broke my Nightshade jar a few years back so Im going to try to recreate. Thanks you’re wickedly inspiring.