Halloween Then & Now: Deer Makeup

There were lots of opportunities for clever deer related titles: Oh Deer, Jane Doe, Deer John, I’m Fawn’d of You… etc.  Missing an opportunity to use a clever title like that is out of character, but I’m simply here to clean up my mess. Revisiting older Halloween looks has been on my To Do list, and this time I’m tackling my 2015 rushed Halloween party deer makeup. 🦌

Deer Makeup Then and Now

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

If you’re not waking up each day trying to improve something, what are you doing?! After redoing this look, I think it’s time to banish the old photo from the internet for good. 😌

The Stars Aligned, Again…

…sort of. Remember that headband I really wanted from the Joann’s Halloween 2017 post? Not long after I posted about it, I went back in and scooped it up. It’s just too adorable to leave there.

Lipstick All Over My Face

For the makeup, my Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette came in handy for the white as well as the brown I used for my nose and upper lip. The spots are metallic gold, but the photos don’t catch the shimmer. ✨ You’ll just have to take my word for it. It is magnificent.

Black was avoided because it would have been very harsh with the feminine headband and my delicate, ladylike features. 🎀

Not Out of the Woods Yet

When people ask me, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” and I respond with, “Oh, probably nothing,” their reactions are pretty interesting. Halloween is celebrated throughout the year at my house; my decor is spooky and I don’t need to wait a whole year to be in costume. Halloween season just makes it easier. If anything, on October 31st I’m sad because it’s all over. 🎃

Livin’ That Spooky Life

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Oh, my gourd.

Kind of like a spooky Cinderella, discovering that pumpkin cabinet knobs are a thing has been life changing.✨  Every knob that can be switched, has been switched. They look better than I originally thought! Special thanks to Anthony over at Knob Creations on Amazon for sending over this set. Give ’em a thumbs up on Facebook! 🎃

Kevin Oz Sets The Mood With Spooky Tunes

If you are looking for Halloween background music, Kevin Oz has an hour long video of spooky music and scary sound effects on YouTube:

A whole hour. That’s extra convenient, and spooky too.

A Classic Haunted House Tale

The book Ghosts of Manor House by Matt Powers has really set the tone this week. My old house is eerie on it’s own with it’s creaks and groans. With the story that unfolds in the book, I’ve got ghosts on the brain and I’ve been noticing every unusual sound. I’m sure it’s just the wind… 👻

This book has thoroughly impressed me and is unlike any other. It’s held my attention better than the Haunting of Hill House, which is mentioned on almost every list of “best horror novels” that I’ve seen. Though I read a lot, I’m not very good at reviewing books. However, I’ll say this: It’s not just the story, but the way Matt goes about telling the story that makes it a fantastic read.

Haunted house stories are always perfect for this season, Matt absolutely nailed it. It’s not very long, and it certainty is a page turner. Breeze through it, and tell me what you think! We can geek out over it. 🤓

Putting In The Work

My style is quite unique, so when it comes to photos I usually end up taking my own or creating something. Halloween season is prime time for buying props and such, and since I’m going to be out of state this winter I needed to stuff my photo folder. Here are some rad action shots:

The Winter of Solitude

This month has kept me busy with collaborations, shopping and my travels. The next couple of months, I’ll be smack dab in a self-inflicted Winter of Solitude in which I’m away from distractions and I focus on my creative endeavors. Don’t worry, I’ll blog all about it.

October 2017, I love you but you were just a blip on my timeline and it’s time to say goodbye 💔. If I’m lucky, the next one will be just as good to me, if not better. 🎃

October 27, 2017


  • This really is a go-to guide for some Halloween fun! Love the make up so much. Your eyes look amazing.

  • Tanvi Nadkarni

    This is such an amazing guide & the deer make up is so on point quite literally!

  • I love the look! I like the old deer makeup as well as the new!

    • Thanks! The new deer makeup took much much longer, so I think the new is my fave! But, of course, I’m biased!

  • Really cute! I saw a lot of my friends with similar deer looks this year I feel like I’m missing out on something.

    • See! Deer looks on Halloween are so overdone lol but I had to redo this after I saw my old instagram picture! It’s just one of those girly go-to Halloween looks I suppose!

  • Brittany Daoud

    Oh I love this year’s deer look! I was a deer a couple years back but I love how simple and easy your makeup looks! xo, Brittany | http://www.theblistblog.com

    • Thanks! Yeah, I needed it to be super simple and light, nothing too heavy. I’m happy with it! 😀

  • I think both look so cute! Love the ears!

  • We just HAD to stop by your blog this Halloween! We absolutely love your revised deer look for this year, it’s so cute! It’s complimentary with your hair color. Yay for progress!

    • Thanks! Progress is always rad. I’m glad you like it, hope you had an awesome Halloween! 🙂

  • Elyse George

    I love this makeup look! I agree with The Angelinos – works perfect with your hair color!