Dr. Lip Bang’s Lip Freak

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While grocery shopping this past weekend, I came across an interesting lip balm.

The packaging reminded me of one of my favorite show’s most recent season–American Horror Story: Freak Show. If you haven’t already seen it, definitely check it out. Avoid if you don’t like clowns though, that may be a deal breaker for you. But, I digress.

It was the packaging that caught my eye, ultimately. The lip balm is called Dr. Lip Bang’s Lip Freak. My flavor of choice is “Atomic Cherry” because I love artificial cherry flavors and scents. The flavors that are currently out besides Atomic Cherry are Berry Sinister, Clockwerk Orange, and Bubble Trouble. Don’t these sound like something I would eventually end up with? It was only a matter of time. This, my friends, was fate.

Freaky Flavors


I was assuming this similar to the iconic cherry ChapStick lip balm, in that it goes on sheer. Until I swatched it with a pale hand and found that it is, in fact, not sheer.

Nope, not sheer at all. Not exactly opaque, but, you know.

Nope, not sheer at all. Not exactly opaque, but, you know.


To be honest though, I really love this shade. It looks almost as if I was enjoying a delicious cherry popsicle right before this photo.

I tricked my husband into thinking it was sheer to get him to try it. Shhh, keep that between us. He tried it, and has experienced the sensation that is ~buzzing lip balm~.

Atomic Cherry smells like cinnamon bubblegum; not so much like cherries at all. I’m not that big a fan of cinnamon, but cinnamon oil is listed as an ingredient. That explains the strong cinnamon aroma. I’m not entirely certain, but I have an inkling that the cinnamon oil may be responsible for the buzzing sensation. Further research to come, I’ll report back with my findings. Eventually.

Putting it on: Time to “freak my lips out”, as they claim! I didn’t feel anything at first,  until after about 45 seconds. That’s when I started  to feel the tingle, then it snowballed from there. A tingle turned into an electrifying buzz. If I could sum up how this feels in a gif for you, it would be the following:

It lasts a good while too, at least 20 minutes.The website warns it could become addicting, and I admit I’ve been feeling phantom buzzes on my dry lips here and there hours and hours after washing my face and even longer since I put it on. Boy, that was a nice run-on-sentence there. But really, phantom buzzes.

The website listed this as $7.99 but in store (HEB if you’re a Texan) this is $3.88. Less than half of the price that the website lists it for–so I completely recommend venturing out into the great beyond to find it in person if at all possible.

I was absolutely not compensated for this review; like I said… I purchased the product myself. But, if Lip Bang’s sees this review and decides to send me the remaining flavors to try or giveaway, I won’t fight it. Hint hint, poke poke.