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airoptixstudioColored contacts are fun. Recently, my eye prescription changed and I decided to try Freshlook’s Air Optix Colors.

Subtle, or Vibrant?

The Air Optix lenses come in 9 shades classified as either “subtle” or “vibrant“.


In normal light, the Sterling Gray lenses kinda look like glass!



  • gray
  • green
  • blue
  • brown
  • pure hazel


  • sterling gray
  • gemstone green
  • brilliant blue
  • honey

The vibrant shades are the ones with the extra dazzle to their names! I chose Sterling Gray. My natural eyes are a strange swamp green/hazel color. Click here to enter the Air Optix Color Studio to see how they look on you.


My natural eye color: green, brown, murky, swamp hazel.

My Sparkly Bad Influence

I’m an American, but I ordered my lenses from Vision Direct in the UK because my eye doctor wanted to charge a “fitting fee” of $90 on top of the eye exam cost.

Basically during a “fitting” for lenses I would try them on while they watch, blink a couple of times, they measure my pupil and then they put the brand name on my prescription after I tell them they feel fine. They always feel fine.

Alternate title: How to Get Prescription Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Usually I don’t condone this type of tomfoolery because it’s our eyes we’re playing with here, but if you’re in a tight place financially and you know your prescription this could be a solution.

Legally, buying prescription contacts in the United States requires doctor’s approval. I had my new prescription and had my contact-lens related measurements. If you don’t, do not guess or you could seriously damage your eyes.  An improper fit is bad news. Proceed at your own risk.


My Experience With

When I received my contacts from VisionDirect, they came in these itty bitty boxes that each had two contacts inside. (Also, they included gummy bears in my package. I was delighted, but confused. Thanks, VisionDirect!). They came in only 4 days, which was great considering I’m overseas!

The Lenses Themselves

The lens boxes were easy to open and I had no trouble putting them in at all. They are super comfortable to wear for long stretches of time, too.

Sterling Gray is a lot more vibrant than the basic gray.


Lots of natural sunlight!


Lots of flash

I Stick Things In My Eyes Often

I’m a typical girl that’s in love with adorable accessories of all kinds, and just look at these cute lens cases from Amazon:

I’ve got so many lens cases scattered throughout my house! Must… stop… buying them…failing… miserably… 🙂