FreshLook Colorblends in Green

The Haunted Housewife - Freshlook Colors in Green

I got a new set of colored contacts recently because I was getting tired of the gray ones I’ve been using for many years. I felt the way they looked on me was really dramatic, and I wanted something that doesn’t scream I AM WEARING COLORED CONTACTS!  This time I went with FreshLook Colorblends in Green (not Gemstone Green, those are a little brighter and a bit more dramatic looking). These are so close to my actual eye color, it’s insane! They give my eyes just enough dimension to make them pop.

Freshlook Colored Contacts in Green

These are a lot thinner and more comfortable to wear than my last brand of contacts. The effect isn’t as BAM! noticeable but I really love the small difference they make. Below is a photo of my real eye color (top) compared to my eyes wearing the FreshLook Colorblends Green lenses (bottom). Sorry for the terrible quality, the first photo was taken with my phone. I describe my natural eye color as hazel because they’re not quite brown and not quite green.

My real eye color (top), wearing the Freshlook Green lenses (bottom)

13256425_1934159380143645_9661090627686758_nOnce again, I went through  because they don’t require a prescription and I’m trying to avoid a ~special contacts fitting~ at the optometrist that would cost me another couple hundred. No thanks, I got my prescription and (in my experience and situation) it’s all I need. If you’ve never gotten a contacts fitting before, it would be wise to get at least one because contacts do come in different sizes.

FreshLook is probably my favorite brand of lenses because I’ve had several different types (colored and not), and they’ve always been really comfortable to wear. Comfort is everything; I have this fear of the colored part sliding in front of my pupil while I’m driving causing a horrific accident. As irrational as it may be, I’ve had this happen on a few occasions with other brands minus the horrific accident–I just had to blink a few times to get it back in place. These are exactly what I was looking for and I hope the pictures of me wearing the lenses help you out if you’re shopping for colored contacts! 🙂



  • You are adorable, and those contacts look awesome!