Girl, Disconnected

Girl, Disconnected: A blogger’s worst nightmare, or a blessing in disguise?

Disconnected in rural Oklahoma

This is a photo I took. When I say “rural Oklahoma”, I really meant it.

Disconnecting from our online lives is something I’ve discussed a few times on my blog. However, it’s not something I’ve been able to do long-term. My friends and family worry that I’m hurt or dead; so, until recently, disconnecting was but a dream. ☁️

The situation: I’ve been plopped down in rural Oklahoma with no computer, no WiFi and no cell service. How the hell did I manage? 

Manage? I Was Livin’. It. Up.

My personality contradicts itself constantly. Is my style more goth, or am I a fairy princess? Am I a sweet girl, or a rebellious little hellion? Am I lazy, or do I make things happen? Am I more of a type A, or a type B?

All of it; you just never know what you’re going to get with me. Yet, almost everybody was surprised to hear I had been enjoying a disconnected existence.

A True 90’s Girl

Send me back to the 90s. Back to when I didn’t have a cell phone and I wasn’t constantly connected and networked to everything. Our phones didn’t ruin our relationships, or block our faces and keep us from talking to each other at dinnertime. If I wasn’t home, I was unavailable and that was that. You couldn’t call me, and you couldn’t beep me if you wanna reach me.

A Wish Granted, Albeit Unexpectedly

When I went up to Oklahoma to visit my grandparents last month, I hit a cellular deadzone that seemed to surround their small town. No cell service, not even a blip. It was spooky. After bonding with technology at a very young age and owning cell phone since my early teens, this is the first time I’ve actually been without it.

My grandparents had a landline phone that I nicknamed the Stranger Things phone because it looked similar. That’s what I used to let everybody know I hadn’t died. 💀

But guess what? Hearing my mouth spill the word “Yes!” when asked to go anywhere, with anyone was unexpected. Maybe I’m not as anti-social as I thought; maybe it’s these electronic devil devices. 👹

Capturing Moments

Although I carried my phone with me in case I needed a paperweight, I’m glad I did because there were a lot of opportunities for gorgeous pictures. The pictures could have been stunning with my DSLR but you know the quote:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Lecture me now. Not bringing my camera was a mistake, but it was a choice I made to save space in my backpack. Pro tip: bring your cameras, even if it means you’re going to look like the ultimate tourist with it hanging around your neck. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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A Family of Flair

My grandfather (on the left) is still just as rad.

Tracing my ancestry turns me into a huge geek; it’s especially exciting when I stumble upon little surprises I find out about my ancestors. For example, my great great great (great….) grandfather on my dad’s side was kicked out of Wales for being an asshole, and I’m distantly related to William Penn. We probably got kicked out of Pennsylvania for being assholes, too.

My grandma showed me hundreds of family photos and also gave me enough information that, in only 10 minutes of internet connectivity with my expert google-thumbs and a name, I was able to trace part of my family history back to 1798.

Tracing one of our family names back to 1798 in 10 minutes is pretty impressive, even for me. To them, my phone paired with WiFi is a magical thing; “Yer a wizard, Sammy!” ⚡️

Girl, Untethered 🔌

Seeing real life in real-time, experiencing it with all of my senses and not viewing it on a screen was lovely. It’s mind-blowing when you think about how different our lives are with technology. Not all of it is bad, but it’s nice to disconnect for a bit.

Missing out on picture-perfect scenery broke my heart, but I was sure to document those little moments. Posing for pictures is great and all, but the memories that we don’t pose for are the ones we’re going to play back in our heads over and over again. 🎥

Don’t take life for granted, we can’t go back. Bask. In. Every. Moment.

November 21, 2017