Halloween Bloggers I Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s February, and you’re reading a post with Halloween in the headline… I like you! While most of the world is gearing up to romance their lovers on Valentine’s Day, I’m singing about my love for Halloween bloggers. 💘

While I do appreciate the pastels, the candy, and the overall feel of the year’s most romantic month, nothing will ever outshine October in my spellbook. And I’m not alone in feeling this way! 💀

The Spook Show Must Go On

Last fall, I was recruited into the Samhain Society. We are a group of bloggers that are living in eternal October 🍂. You couldn’t beat the love for Halloween out of me, but feeling like an oddball among other bloggers was quite lonely. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to put our shrunken heads together and make Halloween epic for everybody, all the time. ğŸŽƒ

Cream of the Crop Circles 👽

It’s no secret that finding a club of fellow spooky folk is my Halloween heaven. We don’t celebrate it, we live it! These are a handful of my favorite Halloween bloggers, in no particular order:

Miranda – Spooky Little Halloween

Miranda founded the Samhain Society. Her blog, Spooky Little Halloween will serve you up tricks and treats all year long. She is very dedicated and it makes me a super happy girl.

Hellen – The Necro Nom Nom Nomicon

Hellen is the genius behind the Necro Nom Nom Nomicon, and the Facehugger Feast you may have seen lurking on social media. She’s spent the last 20 years perfecting her gory gourmet cooking that makes her blog the place to peruse those Halloween party worthy recipes.

Mike – All Hallows Geek

Stealing a line from his About Me page, Mike puts the “eek” in geek. His blog is the ultimate horror hangout, and will thrill you throughout the year. You might just be an All Hallows Geek yourself.

Mr. And Mrs. Halloween

Mr. And Mrs. Halloween will nurse you through your Post-Halloween Depression and assist you in stepping-up your Halloween game.

Amber – Spirits and Spellbooks

Amber writes about New England’s rich history and eerie charm. If you were ever interested in the area’s witchy legends and folklore, Spirits and Spellbooks is the blog to stalk.

Jori – Shivers of Delight

Jori has the perfect eye when it comes to the spooky, creepy and macabre. At Shivers of Delight, you’re sure to encounter some hidden gems you wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise.

Did You Get Your Fix? 💉

It was an absolute pleasure giving your haunted little heart a starting place–but please, check out the Samhain Society landing page for even more Halloween blogs and channels! 👻

If you know of a Halloween blogger that’s not on this list, spill the deets in the comments! The more the merrier!

February 19, 2018