Halloween DIY: Painting a golden skull

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I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at Michael’s craft store this weekend and picked up a couple of blank plaster Halloween decorations for a little Halloween DIY fun. 
I really loved the look of aged gold pieces so I took care of these two in about an hour. It occurred to me that some day, somebody may google how to do this so I was sure to take pictures!
tumblr_nbb1ajG6eK1st8cb5o1_1280What you’ll need:
  1. A plaster skull (or Witch’s cauldron, Frankenstein’s monster, or a haunted house! They have all of these at my local store)
  2. black acrylic paint
  3. metallic gold paint (I use Elegant Finish Metallic Paint in Glorious Gold)
  4. paint brushes, a stiff one and a soft one
  5. optional: Crayola Model Magic in white *see below*

 There isn’t any sanding, priming or prepping of any kind in this project for the skull. For the cauldron, I had superficial issues with the finger nails. 

The original hands looked like man hands. 

I wanted a witch holding a cauldron, not a dude holding a pot.


 I wanted the nails longer, more like claws. So I grabbed my Crayola Model Magic and added longer fingernails. 

Have you ever had your nails done? Making witch fingernails means you’re kind of like a manicurist for the creepy. 

When I was making my werewolf mount, I was basically a monster dentist. I should add that to my resume.


If you aren’t as nit picky as I am, let’s continue:
If you end up adding fingernails or other parts with model magic, you’ll need to let it dry overnight. 

Next, you’re simply going to paint the entire thing black with your stiffer brush. Shove the brush into every nook and cranny.

Don’t let my pictures fool you: These things need to be painted black completely inside and out!
Mine took about 25 minutes to dry. If it’s not super dry, it’s alright. We love imperfections when doing this stuff. 
Now, take your gold paint and shake it up real good. Grab your softer brush and dip it in the gold, and lightly start applying it to your piece. 
You do NOT want to shove the gold into every nook and cranny like we did with the black. Just glide the brush over the piece lightly. You want the black to show through some!
For example:

 You want it to look kind of dirty, like you just dug it out of your backyard. Let’s pretend it’s made out of real gold and your ancestors hid it hundreds of years ago in the ground and left it for you to discover!


 You’ll get the hang of the brush strokes, I promise!

 Let these dry for 30 minutes or so and you should be able to pick it up and move it around. 
 Finished Products:
 I’m super excited with how they came out! Halloween DIY projects are of course the best kind!  🙂