Help! My Cat Is Scratching Furniture

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Your precious little ball of fur has claws. If your cat is scratching furniture, and most will at some point, don’t feel that you need to choose between your pets and your  Unfortunately, a lot of people feel the need to give up their pets or worse—have them declawed, sleepy-kitty-paws-clawsinstead of exploring solutions.

I’m going to bump you ahead of the game here and explain exactly how I managed to end my cats’ furniture scratching for good. It took me 8 years to figure this out with plenty of casualties in the furniture department ( 🙁 ), but there were absolutely no surgeries or chemicals involved. Bonus: my kitties are safe, healthy and happy.

Cat Scratch Fever

First, let’s talk about cats and their urge to scratch. Scratching is instinctual; they scratch to mark their territory with their scent from the pads of their feet. They scratch because it feels good, and enables them to get a good stretch in.

Scratching vertically is your cat’s favorite. Your furniture is the prime spot for your kitties to, well, act like kitties.

Please understand that it’s nearly impossible to stop your cat from scratching completely. You can only redirect it!


How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Your Furniture

You need to give your cat something else to scratch. Since they love to stretch and scratch vertically, you need something that is taller than they are. You’re going to need a scratching post. A piece of furniture just for them.

Let’s do this thing and fix your cat-to-human miscommunications forever:

What You Need

You only need two things. Seriously, just two items and you should spend no more than 40 bucks.

What You’ll Do

Set up your their scratching post as per manufacturer’s directions. Your cat may appear to be disinterested at first, or perhaps a little curious. We need to pique their interest by rubbing the catnip all over the post. They love the stuff, and they’ll get the idea in no time!

It is incredibly important to put your scratcher somewhere they frequent. I put mine by the window, as my cats like to climb the post to watch birds from the window in the morning.

It’s A Win-Win-Win

They freaking love this thing and we need it to co-exist happily. My furniture is safe and we’ve got one less thing to stress about. Pass this gem along to your friends, too! You may just safe a kitty from discomfort. 🙂