High Tech Beauty: SonicBlend Makeup Brush

[Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Michael Todd Beauty. The following products were sent in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.  Click here to view my disclosure policy.]

When technology meets beauty, I am in my element—I’m a millennial gadget girl and makeup junkie. The future is now: Michael Todd Beauty released the SonicBlend: a sonic antimicrobial makeup brush. Each bristle oscillates at 424 sonic movements per second.

The SonicBlend houses a rechargeable lithium battery that lives for about an hour before it needs to be charged via the included USB charging cable. You read that correctly — this is a makeup brush that comes with a charger. 🔌 ⚡️

Our First Play Date

That morning, I enjoyed a hot soak in the bath with a Dior Hydra Life Glow Better jelly masque on my face because I needed that youthful glow. I’ve always been particular about my complexion because I have very fickle skin. 😑 In an effort to chase that coveted airbrushed look, I applied my makeup with an actual airbrush a couple of years ago. That was long before wet sponges, like the Beauty Blender, stole my heart. 💖

Back to the SonicBlend: when it was time for my makeup, I primed my skin with Nyx Honey Dew Me Up and applied my usual 10 drops of Nyx Total Control foundation. But this time, I didn’t reach for my usual makeup sponge. It was time to give my new Michael Todd Beauty SonicBlend brush a run for its money.

First Impressions Of The SonicBlend

  • Because the SonicBlend doesn’t soak up foundation like a sponge would, I inadvertently applied too much. However, this was a welcomed surprise that would likely save me money down the road.
  • There are three very different speed settings that feel like a sonic massage on my face!
  • In order to turn it off, I have to hold the power button for 1-2 seconds. A normal press just changes the speed.

The SonicBlend left me with airbrushed skin, sans airbrush. 🤯 This brush is too legit to quit, and I don’t have to get up to wet it.

Extras: Skin Treats

Michael Todd Beauty’s Tropical Fruit enzyme exfoliant scrub and Pumpkin nutrient-rich facial mask arrived along with my SonicBlend, and I was excited to try them out. They were used back-to-back; first I scrubbed with Tropical Fruit, and then I treated my face to a Pumpkin mask. Let me say, that I was blown away by the amount of all natural, organic ingredients found in these two! 🎃

Tropical FruitEnzyme Exfoliant Scrub

Scrubs are my best friend during the winter. The Tropical Fruit enzyme exfoliant scrub smells undeniably fruity, but also a little like vomit. 🤢 However, as somebody that smears mud and sulfur masks on my face, the smell isn’t enough to deter me from using it. We all know that sulfur smells straight up foul; a vomit-scented mask is an upgrade.  It’s not terrible, but definitely something worth mentioning.

My favorite type of scrubs are those that play rough. Spherical microbeads are child’s play, I crave gritty scrubs that get the job done.  Their Tropical Fruit scrub is named as such because it harnesses the power of papaya and pineapple enzymes to help slough away dead skin. The scrubbing element of Tropical Fruit feels almost like sand if not a bit gentler, and I loved the way it scrubbed my skin. 🤩

Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask

Michael Todd Beauty’s Pumpkin mask couldn’t smell more delicious. The scent is a cross between pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies! Pumpkin contains glycolic acid, and a plethora of natural, organic ingredients.

In fact, the ingredient list sounds more like a recipe than a skin product: pumpkin, sugar cane, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. It reminded me so much of gingerbread, I feel 2x more in the Christmas spirit having used it. Besides resisting the urge to eat it, it left my skin soft and supple!

Hell Yeah, I’d Recommend These Products To A Friend!

The SonicBlend has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag because it performed better than expected. My foundation looked airbrushed, and more settled than a Beauty Blender would have left me. My favorite part was that I didn’t have to get up to wet it! It almost looked — dare I say it!natural.

Despite its odd smell, Tropical Fruit did a wonderful job as a scrub. The Pumpkin mask instills a sense of Christmas cheer. The pumpkin pie and somewhat gingerbread scent kind of ties Halloween and Christmas together in a strange way.

You can scoop up Michael Todd Beauty products over at BeautyBrands.com through this link or at Ulta Beauty right here. 🎀

With that said, I’m going to enjoy the remainder of 2017. I’ll see you beauties in 2018!



  • Such a great review! It sounds like an awesome makeup brush!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • I am so excited to hear about this brush. I do a less than stellar job with my foundation so this may be the answer I have been looking for.

  • Carly Ciampi

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. I looks awesome!
    Carly | preppedupglamour.com

    • I hadn’t heard much about them before this either, but they’ve got a ton of great products!

  • I love this brand! I need to try this brush ASAP.

  • The Homicidal Homemaker

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but after reading this review, I’m definitely interested in checking them out. I really want to give this a try. I’d love to try it with my foundation.

    • It works really well with my foundation, I’m wanting to try it with contouring and highlighting as well to see how it goes!

  • Some of them already said it but I also have never heard of this brand before. I don’t really have a lot of make up brushes but this one kinda piqued my interest!


    • It’s pretty rad! It works really well, kind of feels like a Clarisonic if you’re familiar with those.