Hobby Lobby Halloween ’16

Ah, yes! Another Halloween post. Hobby Lobby’s Halloween selection has always been, in my opinion, less than stellar. I’m really not into Fall/harvest stuff because my tastes aren’t really seasonal at all. There’s a big difference between the spooky decor that I like and seasonal decor. I only have a few pictures of Hobby Lobby’s fall display while I patiently wait for spookier things if they put any out this year at all. These striped ceramic pumpkins are a bit cute, though.

I’m going to check back regularly to see if they put anything more my style out, and I’ll update this post! 🙂




  • mapam30

    I’m not sure waiting is going to change the selection. I know the store has a strong Christian Faith-they are even closed on Sundays so workers can go worship and spend time with family. I think the general “Fall” theme is all your really going to see as the Spooky & Haunting probley doesn’t fit in with the companies beliefs.

  • Ack, I’m not ready for Halloween yet! I saw they had this stuff out at Michaels the other day.

  • KatieCarlson721

    Best holiday ever! Decor is a must!

  • Kari Jonard

    Yay! I love that the decorations are starting to come out in the stores!

  • Maddy Marks

    I absolutely LOVE hobby lobby and your sense of decor!

  • The striped pumpkins are adorable! I seriously love decorating for fall and halloween! 🙂