Holga Filter Turret

The Haunted Housewife - Holga Filter Turret

IMG_8113Holga cameras have been around since the 80’s and are a true cult classic in the world of analog photography. The Holga, like the Diana (early 1960’s and the Lomo LC-A (1984), are toy cameras. The term ‘toy cameras’ refers to the low-tech and simple build that can create light leaks, blur, vignetting, and other types of distortions. The fun is in the unpredictability — you don’t know how it’s going to come out until you develop the film.

Growing up in the age of instant gratification, I don’t own a toy camera because it would take me forever to develop the film. I have a gallon Ziploc bag of film my family has been toting around since my childhood. I’ll eventually get those developed. Or maybe I’ll pass them down to my children’s children. 😉

We can do all kinds of things with modern photography but it’s the appeal of unpredictability and the stray from perfection that attracts most people to toy cameras. I have a Holga pinhole lens on my Pentax that I’ve posted about, and  I’ve recently welcomed a Holga filter turret (for Canon SLR) to my family. This combines the IMG_0326unpredictability of a Holga, and the benefits of a modern DSLR camera. Fun, fun, fun!

The set comes in three pieces: the lens you attach to your camera body (mine is pink!), a color filter wheel and a special effect filter wheel. The two wheels attach magnetically, one at a time. I would love the ability to attach both of these to play with both special effects and colors at the same time. But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here… 🙂

Before my purchase, I looked online for demonstrations of the filters but I didn’t come up with much. I wanted to review them for anybody else looking for photos, so I set up my tripod in my front yard to ensure my camera didn’t move and started snappin’ away!


No filter; this is how it looks when using the empty slot on the turret.


Split in half


Split in three


Split in four


Split in four, with a circle in the middle


Split in three, side by side


Grid, this one is best when looking directly at a light source, example at the very end!






Blue & yellow


Red with clear circle


Green & yellow


Red & blue


Green with circle in the middle


As promised, this is the grid filter when viewing a light source.

I’ve been having tons of fun with this baby; so if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’ve spent so much time taking pictures with my camera in people’s faces and it’s so entertaining. Go forth, and create beautiful pieces of art! And them post them to my facebook page so I can see! 😈





September 24, 2015