At Home Halloween ’16

The Haunted Housewife - At Home Halloween '16

On the last day in June, I threw on just enough makeup to make myself look presentable and tagged along with the roommate to my favorite home store, At Home. To my surprise (–and delight!) they had begun setting up their Halloween stuff. IN JUNE. At Home halloween has hit the shelves, people!

I repeat, At Home Halloween stock is ready for us!

Most of the shelves were bare but that’s expected; of course I’m going to post about the Halloween loot I’ve found so expect updates to this post as they add more things! Aren’t you excited? Our favorite shopping season is just beginning!

Can’t decide if I need one of these snow globes or not. With snow globes, it’s always a hard decision!

See ya soon with more Halloween finds 🙂

Update 8/2/16: