At Home Halloween ’17 

[Please keep in mind any sales or discounts you see in the following photos may not be valid due to the date the photos were taken. The stores in your area may carry different items, and they may stock their Halloween merchandise at different times. To see what I found in stores last year, click here.]

Back in 2015 I was going through some hard emotional stuff, and would wander around At Home nearly every day. That was my store of choice, and not because I was bored, but because it was new and they had some super cool things.

That was before I had even discovered their Halloween potential, so from the beginning I knew that At Home was a freakin’ gem.

But when I first saw At Home during Halloween season? Wow. Wow. Wow. That was quite a moment.

Their prices are comparable to Walmart or IKEA;  in other words, pretty inexpensive. Their Halloween inflatables are gigantic, as you can see.

If you’re trying to do it big this Halloween, you know where to go.

You’ll find so many skeleton animals.

These remind me of the scary toys in Nightmare Before Christmas.

At Home has so many different types of Halloween items: Dia de los Muertos, freak show stuff, things that are made to look vintage and much more. There’s a ton of lights and garden decorations as well. They started to put everything out in July, and have added little by little here and there.

I love their collection of pillows, because you know I’ll keep those babies out all year. The only downside? They start putting Christmas items out at the same time… can’t they let the Jack O’ Lantern have it’s day? 🎃

There were still some unopened boxes laying around, so there may be some updates to this post. I guess we’ll see!