Home Sweet Home

My living room is still in the middle of being painted (yes, I am procrastinating because I hate painting walls) but I thought I’d show you around anyway. Here are current shots of my living room under one of my Mac’s newest filters, instant:


I’m thinking about replacing those vases on top of the pillars with candelabras, what do you think? Then again I have candles practically everywhere. I have such a fascination with candelabras, though. I feel like I’m drawn to them… guess you could say I’m kind of like a moth to the flame. 😉

I like this set from Design Toscano (*) the only thing putting me off is the cherubs. I, of course, wish they were gargoyles instead. Another one I love from the same place is this one, which would go well in the kitchen or bedroom. If you ever want to buy me a gift. 😉


I’m also seriously considering redoing my werewolf mount. I want him to look more menacing. That project took quite a while, I’m not sure if I’m ready for such a DIY commitment yet! If you’re interested on that guy, though, here’s a link to the tutorial.

The living room wall paint color I chose is “Blackberry Jam” in matte, I think the matte made all the difference. Check out that finish!


I picked this up at a store called At Home; they had a bunch of dinosaur skulls on sticks as well that I almost bought. I’m a bit of a dino-nerd (or, at least I was when I was a child) but I don’t exactly have ample space to house a Jurassic skull collection at the moment. Bummer.IMG_3403

I have a china cabinet that holds a lot of spooky snow globes, and a few antique items. The spooky snow globes are my pride and joy; seeking them out and buying them makes me a very happy girl. Snow globes are another childhood obsession.



Print: Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya

I have the highest concentration of spooky stuff in my living room because that’s usually the first place people go when they enter my home, and I’ve gotta make a creepy impression.


Print: The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

Besides my bedroom, I tend to spend the most time in my living room and choose to surround myself with scary things when I can so I work really hard on keeping that room frightful. The walls are painted a deep, matte purple (I still haven’t completed the painting, and I still haven’t figured out what to do with the ceiling. I kinda want to do a galaxy ceiling. But wow, tedious).



I have an abundance of candelabras and candle stick holders.


I have a set of these black skull candle holders that I got from HomeGoods last Halloween. Man, I cannot wait for Halloween season… I can’t be tamed.


My hallway is a creepy place, too. It’s dark and weird, the entrance to my attic is black so when you look up during the evening it looks like it’s open. I like to tell my roommate’s daughter that the Babadook lives up there. I have candles in my hallway too; we rarely light them but when we do it’s because we’re listing to Funeral Dusk and wearing cloaks. Kidding, we haven’t gotten cloaks yet.


Doesn’t every house have at least one creepy hallway?


Do I look like the type of person to have any Pinterest-esque decor in my house? Well… I totally have one of those trendy chalkboard walls… it’s just done a little differently.


My office has a nice built-in bookshelf that’s packed with books, somehow I’ve managed to carve out some space for a few IMG_3424knickknacks. The jar set might look familiar, they’re actually a DIY I did a few years ago. I set out to recreate the jars from Nightmare Before Christmas and I had a lot of fun with them.

My bedroom is a disaster right now so we’re going to leave that room for another day; however I do have my vanity set up in there and you can click right here to see it. I’m off to take a luxurious Lush bath, my muscles are sore from a hardcore workout. Have a good week friends! 🙂