How To Keep Your Wild Hair Color Fresh Forever

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In my life, I’ve just about rocked every hair color under the sun. A lot like the Skittles slogan, taste the rainbow. This was due to my desire to be different as a kid; in the 90’s it was a whole different ball game. These days, rainbow hair is a pop-culture phenomenon.

Finding permanent funky colors is like stumbling upon a unicorn, as most colors are semi-permanent vegetable dyes. Needless to say, fun colors have an Achilles’s Heel: they fade super fast.  With a little know-how, they don’t have to. Let me show you how you can keep your wild hair color fresh, forever! 🦄

✨The Magic Potion✨

We’re not playing with finger paints, but rather vegetable hair dyes. Next time you color your hair, pick up two containers of color. One to use as directed, and the other to whip up a conditioner with. I normally use Manic Panic along with my favorite conditioner, Aussie, for it’s large bottle and pump. Hot showers and frequent shampoos are the enemy, here. This will be a color depositing conditioner that freshens up your funky color with each use. Fear shampoo time, no more!

What You’ll Need

Helpful for getting the Magic Potion back into the bottle:

  • a Ziploc bag with a tiny snip in one of the corners
  • a mug
  • spoon for scooping up the good stuff

Blondes and platinum blondes can create a toner using a small amount of purple Manic Panic with conditioner. If your hair is pastel, you’ll need to adjust your dye-to-conditioner ratio until what’s in the bowl matches what’s on your head. Otherwise, it could turn out a little more vibrant than you expected after conditioning.

Pick Your Shade


What You’ll Do

Photo credit: thepeachpeddler via / CC BY

Simply empty the Manic Panic into a bowl, along with the entire bottle of conditioner. Stir them together until the color is uniform.

How Do I Get It Back Into The Conditioner Bottle?

Take your Ziploc bag and drape it over your mug. Spoon the ✨Magic Potion✨ mix into the Ziploc bag. Once it’s filled, put it up and twist it the end so it’s sealed. Next, pipe it into the bottle as if you’re frosting cupcakes!

If Your Hair Is Multicolored

Be prepared to put in a little bit of extra work. This means, multiple bottles of your homemade conditioner for each color. In the shower, section the colors off as best you can and apply the conditioner to each section by shade.

Keeping Your Wild Hair Color Fresh Forever

Any time you shampoo and condition your hair in the shower, use the ✨Magic Potion✨ instead of your plain conditioner. This will keep your wild color hair fresh forever!

Forever Young

You’ll be getting so many wonderful compliments on your bright hair, and questions from curious onlookers that will think you sold your soul to the devil for it. It takes maybe 5 minutes to create this ✨Magic Potion✨, and no extra time in the shower to maintain your rad color. Maybe she’s born with it? 🦄

Go Forth and Sparkle


How To Keep Your Wild Hair Color Fresh Forever






  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Oh my gosh! Your hair is beautiful! I have never dyed my hair, but one of my best friends has purple streaks. I am passing this on to her!

  • I needed to know this!! I have 2 versions of red to look like fire. Color does fade too quickly, love this trick!

  • Rachel Kendall Koller

    I will have to remember these for when I or my daughters color their hair. Thanks for sharing.

  • Such a great idea! I wonder if something like this would work to help me keep my grey roots covered! ha!

  • Mary La Fornara

    Great trick! Passing this on to friends who dye their hair. I love your hair, it’s beautiful. I wish I could be so brave!

  • What an interesting post! I’ve always wanted to go lavender but was scared about the maintenance part. I will have to keep all this in mind for the next time I feel bold enough for a color change 🙂 xo, sharon

    • Lavender is such a gorgeous color though. You’ve gotta do it at least once! The upkeep isn’t so hard! 🙂

  • When the mood strikes, don’t forget the Manic Panic! hehe