How To Make Chic Halloween Hair Accessories

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Oh hi there, I realize we’re in the middle of April. My blog might as well be “trapped” in Halloweenland. Quotations are necessary there because who wouldn’t want to be stuck in Halloweenland, right? Don’t threaten me with a good time!

Spooky and Chic All Year Long

My issue? The Halloween hair accessories and jewelry found in stores during peak season are plastic and flimsy. In addition, I avoid the use of typical Halloween colors (orange, purple, lime green) in my decorating and style adventures. The only viable option in this case, was to pave the way and make my own Halloween hair accessories. Let’s be twinsies, and make you some too!  👯‍

IMG_3284 copy

What You’ll Needbad-headband

For the bat headband:

For the spider pin:

What You’ll DoIMG_3330

Bat Headband

This tutorial is incredibly simple, and is as easy as gluing your charm onto your blanks. For the bat headband, you’ll need to bend the bat to match the headband’s curvature. If it’s not curved enough, it will likely pop off after you glue it in place.IMG_3382


Glue your headband to the bat, you’re done! It took me a couple tries to get it right. Be patient! When you’ve succeeded, you’ve got a beautiful bat headband (or several bat headbands) to wear all year round!


How epic is this headband? Comes out to $3.18 each!!!

Spider Pinbobby-pin-blanks

Now for the spider pin, you need to pick up some bobby pin blanks that have an area for you to glue your spider on to. Then, I picked my favorite spider charm from a seller on Etsy, and that’s when the magic happened. Simply glue and go!



The spider pins come out to an awesome $4.51 each. They cost more than the headband, but this spider is my favorite and worth the extra cost, in my opinion.

These are spooky, chic and exactly what I was looking for. Here’s an idea: you could sell these. If anybody can do it, you can. I believe in you! Etsy Seller, ahoy!