Joann Fabric Halloween ’16

Before I left Texas last month, I went into Joann Fabrics to scope out their Halloween stuff and forgot to tell you about it! Luckily I had already uploaded all the photos though. They had some pretty decent stuff; it’s a goldmine if you’re into Halloween crafting!

They had a bunch of these little wooden craft items but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what they’re used for! I remember seeing similar things during my time working for a Michael’s store. Crafters: what do you do with these?! Am I missing out on something awesome?

The paper mache (or what I think is paper mache) buzzards were pretty awesome. I haven’t seen anything like them before! We can stick feathers and stuff on them to make them look gnarly.

Interesting fact about me: I’ve got a thing for Halloween socks. I usually get mine from the dollar store but if I see a cute pair at a decent price I scoop them up. Joann’s had a lot of good ones. I seriously can’t get enough of them. If I’m wearing socks at any given time, you can safely assume they’re Halloween socks.

Home stuff! Now is the time to pick up your dish towels for the year. They’ve got a lot of cute ones at Joann’s and also Home Goods. I believe Big Lots has them too!

I’m really into the unique string lights I’ve been seeing around this year. I love these caged ravens and the skeleton dogs I saw at World Market.

They’ve got an excellent assortment of candy up at the front as well. They’ve got the wax vampire fangs I adore, as well as the mints in spooky tins. I keep the tins for various things and so far I have two vampire Hello Kitty ones and a Ouija board one!

This may be one of my last Halloween retail posts of 2016. Lately I’ve noticed the stores haven’t put out any more Halloween stock out. Sad face! Don’t forget to stock up 😉