Joann Fabric Halloween ’17

[Please keep in mind any sales or discounts you see in the following photos may not be valid due to the date the photos were taken. The stores in your area may carry different items, and they may stock their Halloween merchandise at different times. To see what I found in stores last year, click here.]

Joann Fabric was the first place I went looking for Halloween things (in July, actually), and they did have a few things out but not much. I didn’t go back for these pictures until early September, and they completely blew me away.

Warning: This Post Is Photo Heavy!

Hair Goodies

My sidebar photo features an adorable cat ear headband that I wear often. That particular headband I picked up at Claire’s, but Halloween is a great time to stock up on quirky hair accessories.

That deer headband is calling my name! I need to step my game up, because I haven’t made any hair purchases this year and I really want some clip-on devil horns.

Shameless self promotion: here’s a great DIY for a bat headband, and a spider hairpin!

Boxes. We see these everywhere throughout the year, and we need them for various reasons. Right now, I really need one for photos and other keepsake type items. There are adorable boxes out there for little girls that are pink and covered in glitter and unicorns. Those really appeal to my feminine side.

But I feel if I don’t get a spooky box soon, the edgier side of my personality is going to make me regret it. Can you relate?

Side note, while we’re speaking of boxes: I had to buy a toy box recently, for myself. I got one of these so I still look somewhat like an adult, but there are barbies and bouncy balls inside of it. I do not have children! 😝

I really NEED this skeleton cat marquee light thing. It’s so unique, I need it for my office.

Also, I might need this mysterious misting cauldron. Only because it’s mysterious.

Don’t forget about your ornaments for your Halloween trees!

Some people put them up for Halloween, and some put them up for Christmas. Whichever you prefer, Joann Fabric has your ornaments now.

The socks I wear are, almost exclusively, Halloween socks. However, I’m a cheapskate so I get them at the Dollar Tree or at Target for only a dollar.

Congratulations, you just looked at 80 photographs! As you can, see as far as craft stores go, Joann Fabric completely blew Michael’s out of the water this season. To say I was thoroughly impressed would be an understatement.

Hobby Lobby can’t even compare. They just aren’t on the same level at all.




  • Ana Thomson

    I loved this post! I love Halloween! I love Joann Fabrics! You’re right, Joann Fabrics really topped everyone this year. Hobby Lobby has always been disappointing in the Halloween department, but it’s probably due to their religious tone. Now I am off to Joann Fabrics…….

    • Yeah, I definitely think it’s because of their religious tone. However, they do have a ghost scarf that’s semi-cute! At least they have ONE Halloween item I’d buy, lol! I’m going to spend lots of time at Joann Fabrics this year, for sure!

  • Shannon Paige

    OMG! I will be checking Joann out too I guess- in my opinion, this is the best Halloween collection I have seen so far and I have been all over. lol. Those skeleton dogs are popular this year! lol

    • I’ve seen skeleton animals at literally every store! I guess they’re technically not “dogs”… but my favorite ones would be the howling wolves from Big Lots. They can pass as dogs, kinda sorta. Haha.

  • Sondra Barker

    I LOVE Halloween shopping! I normally stick to Target, but I will have to check out Jo Ann’s this year too!

    Sondra xx

    • Target is the only place I haven’t explored much, actually! I’m dying to go there! Last time I went, they were just setting up their Halloween section and everything was a mess. I’ll head in there this week though. I’ve been looking at this years Halloween collection online and it looks pretty awesome!

  • Joann’s is my FAVORITE place to buy Halloween decorations ❤️ My daughter suckered me into buying one of the smaller hanging skeletons.

    • Joann’s might become my favorite place for Halloween decorations too if they keep this up! 😉