Kat Von D – Shade & Light Eye Palette

The Haunted Housewife - Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

IMG_9484Eye contouring is often overlooked in domestic makeup artistry, and this is where today’s palette comes into play! Kat Von D’s eye contour palette was given to me as another wonderful gift from one of my best friends Hollie from Hollie Clair Makeup. Hollie, thank you for the Christmas gift! I love you!

As usual, I’ve given myself several weeks to play with it before opening my mouth on social media. I don’t wear eye shadows all that often anymore because when I get dressed it’s usually in a rush. Quite often these days,  I have people waiting on me, and/or their children watching me. This palette has single-handedly  sparked my interest in doing my eye makeup again. I have seen the light. And the shade. Y’know…

Physically, the palette is made of sturdy cardboard and is matte black, with the Shade & Light logo big and IMG_9492beautiful on the front embossed in gold lettering. Flipping it around: the lettering on the back is also printed gold, and it’s got a diagram that will tell you the names of each shade and where they’re located. I’m really digging on the names of the shades, by the way!  Inside, there’s a nice sized mirror and the palette closes magnetically.

I’m super, mega, corpse-pale and I initially thought the darker colors would be far too dark for me–I was afraid they would look too overpowering. As it turns out, those are the colors I prefer. I can only speak from my experience here, but it would seem the colors would work great for everybody because of range of shades and your ability to play. As per all of the KVD powders, the consistency is quite  smooth which leads to incredible blendability.  These are matte and there is no shimmer or shine whatsoever. A very to-the-point palette, ‘twould seem.


Here’s my swatch road map!

I locked myself away in my beauty laboratory and tested every shade in this palette. In a course of three days,  I came up with three different looks. Over-the-top makeup isn’t an area I’m great it, so what I do with the palette are very wearable.


Poppin’ the Cherry

IMG_6268I planned to ease into unknown waters as slowly as I could, so my goal this first time was to basically recreate my go-to eye look that I use my Inglot Freedom Palette for.  The end result was similar and as, if not more, wearable. This was created by covering my entire eye lid with Laetus, chiseling Samael into the crease and further defining the crease with Solas. I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with Lucius.


The Next Playdate


I felt like it was time to take the plunge into the deep end, so this time I wore Lazarus over my entire eye area, Saleos in my crease and Shax in my outer corner that I pulled it inwards and blended with Saleos. Liberatus was my highlight of choice, which I applied to my brow bone and inner corners. This was much darker and more played up than what I’m used to but surprisingly didn’t hate it. In fact, this is my favorite result in all of my scientific KVD palette research.

I was in love, this day!

I was in love, this day!

The Third Experiment


Using the final four untouched colors, I came up with another wearable look similar to what I get with my Inglot palette. I brushed Indwin over my entire lid, defining the crease with Succubus. The crease was further defined with Sytry and I highlighted with Latinus before adding the finishing touches: eyeliner, lashes, mascara, etc…

Yet another Kat Von D product has earned my stamp of approval! The possibilities are endless, and feel free to throw in a pop of color here and there using an outside source (and don’t feel like a traitor doing so, either!). I adore Kat’s beauty line, and if you’re not already familiar with it–this is is a great palette to get acquainted with the brand.

Do you have any palettes or makeup items you consider a must-have?




December 9, 2015