Lazy Girls Guide to Saving the Earth

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Eco-friendly is something all of us strive to be– I mean, who would want to destroy the earth? Humans haven’t started invading the other planets in the galaxy at the time of this post, so for right now we can all agree that Earth is our home and we need to take care of her.

Speaking of home, there are too many of us that think laziness is an excuse not to recycle or save resources. Eco-friendliness doesn’t have to be a hassle; we can all make small changes that will make a huge impact on saving the planet. Adjust your cape, my lazy co-pilot, let’s get right into the Lazy Girls Guide to Saving the Earth!

Water: Our Lifeline

Water is our most precious resource. We can die of thirst long before we starve, so H20 is kind of a big deal. Conserving water doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass, in fact it’s as easy as:

  • taking showers instead of baths
  • turning off the tap when we aren’t actively using water (example: when we brush our teeth)
  • reducing the volume of water our toilet uses when we flush
  • installing a low-flow shower head
  • repairing any leaky faucets and pipes

Material Enemies: Plastic, Metals, and Paper


These days, plastic pollutes every corner of the Earth. It threatens our wildlife, and our landfills are nearly overflowing with a material that isn’t biodegradable (it will likely be there forever). As we gaze into the (googly) eyes of our plastic enemy, we could be:

  • using reusable water bottles
  • recycling our plastics
  • using canvas bags when shopping instead of plastic


Earth minerals and metal ores are non-renewable resources. This means that once we run out, we likely won’t see any more in our time here as humans. The Earth’s process for creating metal takes tens of thousands to millions of years. Recycling our metals will conserve this resource and reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by smelting and processing metal straight from the ore. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Collect your aluminum cans in a bin for recycling. Your city may have a recycling program and provide you with a bin for free.
  • Collect your scrap copper, aluminum, brass, iron and steel and turn them in to recycling plants. Click here to locate a recycling plant near you.


Paper makes up 33% of our solid waste. Luckily, recycling paper is ✨EASY✨ and we make loads of new items from it! Recycling paper conserves our resources (save the trees!) and reduces greenhouse gas emissions that occur when we create and process it. You can pop your paper items in your sorted recycling containers and get back to your weekend-long Netflix binge. 🍿

Air Pollution

Most air pollution comes from factory farming livestock, big industrial manufacturing plants, and our vehicles exhaust. Humanity as a whole needs to come up with a plan for the factory farms and manufacturing plants, but we are personally responsible for our vehicles.

We can easily reduce the amount of fumes our car produces by simply riding a bike or walking around town or opting for an electric (or hybrid) vehicle.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Some of us wear blankets, and spend our days lounging around while also saving the world. Recycling and being good to our planet is so easy, we hardly have to lift a finger. Now, back to my night cheese. Happy Earth Week! 🌎


The Lazy Girls Guide to Saving the Earth, because being eco-friendly doesn't have to be a pain in the ass.