Lima Center Cemetery

On the corner of Wisconsin’s Route 59, lies a cute little corner cemetery called Lima Center Cemetery. At least, I think that’s what it’s called. There is no sign or anything which struck me as odd.

What may strike you as odd, however, is that I’m describing a graveyard as “cute”.  It’s such a small picture-perfect area, it’s hard not to. I was a bit spooked the day of these shots, because it was my first time really venturing off alone.

I turned down N Lima Center road and parked off to the side, next to a creepy cornfield. There I was, all alone with sunset quickly catching up to me. Feeling quite vulnerable again, standing a foot away from a cornfield in which I was hearing rustling sounds!

I should really take selfies when I go out on my spooky adventures to keep a record of facial expressions. I’m sure that would be entertaining because not only was I hearing something moving in the cornfield…

… *drumroll*…


Cornfields. Howling. Sounds a bit too much like a Bray Road Beast sighting in the making.

The creepy cornfield and the howling was gnawing at me the entire time I was taking pictures. I worked fast, being also taking my time to read some of the gravestones. There were some very old ones there and an interesting one that had one word on it. That word was “father”.

I’ve taken pictures of a cemetery before and edited them experimentally using an app on my phone for fun. I’m a creature of habit, I’ve done it again. The app I used for these is called Enlight. I’m not sure if it’s available for Android, as I was using iOS. I beta tested this app when it came out and I fell in love with it. You can do so much with just your phone.

These kids weren’t in the shot when I captured it, they were later added in with the Enlight app using “mixer”. Spooky, right?

I have so much fun with Enlight. Of course, the pictures don’t look anything like what I actually saw that day. The grass was as green as ever, it was an overcast day and there was an adorable little house. Creepy girls just wanna have fun, though!

Here’s the location of the cemetery as seen on Apple maps. It’s at the corner of N. Lima Center Road (also known as E. Pioneer Road!) and Wisconsin’s State Trunk Highway 59.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see what was rustling in the cornfield or what was responsible for the howling. If you’re in the area and decide to check it out, bring a friend and some silver bullets just in case! 😉


October 31, 2016