Lime Crime’s Cashmere Velvetine


Wearing Cashmere in natural light.

Lime Crime’s Cashmere velvetine seems to be all the rage right now (or maybe it was all the rage; I tend to get into things really late 😉 )  It’s described as a being the child of grey and beige (greige!), and it’s an interesting muted taupe color with some dusty rose tones thrown in there. 

The packaging consists of a tube, and a doe foot applicator. It’s the exact same adorable packaging you see in all of Lime Crime’s velvetintes — see their Wicked velvetine that I discussed in this post. Cashmere applies as a liquid but quickly dries to a matte finish, looking a lot like velvet (hence the name velvetine).IMG_6905

I’ve noticed is that Cashmere seems to look different on everybody, and I needed to try it for myself. Have you noticed this too? What kind of black magic is that?


Cashmere looks different on my hand, too!

I’ve actually had this color for a couple months and every time I’ve tried it out, it just happened to be on a gloomy day. That means that any photo I tried to get was cool-toned, and I did not like the way Cashmere looked on me on those days. So, to be honest, I’m on the fence with this one. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I look dead. I’m incredibly pale with warm undertones, and I’m used to seeing myself that way. Based on the overall theme of The Haunted Housewife, you’d think looking dead was welcomed, right? Not this time, ironically.

I’d definitely wear Cashmere in sunny weather, where my cheeks are pink and I appear to have a little more life in me. I’m not enchanted by Cashmere’s dashing good looks completely, because it’s a lot like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!



September 24, 2015


  • Bonnie Marrow

    I love that color! I don’t care if I’m late on the term I’m still gonna get it lol