Lime Crime’s Wicked Velvetine

The Haunted Housewife - Lime Crime's Wicked Velvetine

IMG_6677If you’re a makeup virtuoso, you’ve likely heard of Lime Crime’s Velvetines. They’re liquid lipsticks that dry to a velvety matte finish. I own both Cashmere and Wicked–I’m not sure how I feel about Cashmere yet, but I love Wicked. My friend Hollie recently set out to thin out her massive makeup collection, and she kindly send me Wicked amongst a few other items. Isn’t she just a doll?

IMG_6681All of Lime Crime’s Velvetines come in a tube and feature a doe-foot applicator. I can’t confirm if this is true for all Velvetines (although it probably is), but the two that I’ve got smell sweet and delicious. If you pick any of these up, please avoid eating them. I can’t guartunee that it will end well! 😉

Wicked is a deep red with purple undertones. The color is so rich that I had some staining on my lips after I IMG_6689removed it with makeup remover. It’s nearly the same color as my hair, too!  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel right off the bat with such a dark color on my lips, but didn’t disappoint. The actual application process IMG_3360was a bit tricky because it dried darker in some areas but it may be user error as I applied it with a lip brush and not the doe-foot applicator. I’m very particular about the way I apply my lipstick, I’m a bit of a perfectionist in that department.

Wicked along with my pale complexion makes me feel like a witchy babe, and reminds me of the lip color Nancy is wearing in The Craft. If you’re dark complected, Wicked won’t look quite as bold or daring, but still just as wonderful!

Overall I adore Lime Crime’s Wicked in all it’s witchy, vampy, goth glory.

How do you feel about Wicked? Would you wear it?