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It’s kitten season! Is ✨Kitten Fever✨ a thing? Somebody stop me from adding a new furry member to my squad! I’ve got four cats already and they’re quite the handful. Cats are pretty low maintenance as it is, aside from scooping the litter box once a day to keep things fresh.

In fact, keeping things fresh recently got a lot easier for me. The Litter Genie crew sent over a nifty litter pail to try out in an effort to help banish the dreaded “cat litter smell”. We’re all familiar with that smell.

Cat litter smell sticks to your clothes, your upholstery, and is just plain icky. My Crazy Cat Lady career began several years ago, and I’ve been on a quest to #StopCatLitterSmell ever since. How do you get rid of cat litter smell?

Included was the pail, one refill, and a scoop!

The Magical Litter Genie Itself

The Litter Genie pail promises to trap stinky litter odors for a more pleasant home environment. The magic is in the Litter Genie’s 7-layer bags and the unique way it sections off the stinky clumps to contain the odor.

You pop the lid open of the pail, use the litter scoop to fish out clumps, toss them into the Litter Genie, and pull the lever to section it off. Afterwards, you will not smell a thing! Remember: You have to use clumping litter.

Parents may be familiar with the Diaper Genie, which is the same concept: quarantining the stink conveniently until the bag is full enough to throw all of the diapers out in one go. The Diaper Genie came first, paving the way for the life-changing Litter Genie.

We consider ourselves a step ahead of the game since we use the easiest litter box ever. With four cats, our litter routine is an absolute breeze!

The Specifics

The Litter Genie pail sits about knee-high (17 inches tall), and is completely plastic. It comes in three different colors and will blend in with any decor: white, gray, and beige. It promises to hold two-weeks of litter for one cat, saving you excessive trips to the trash.

Regardless of how many cats you have, the Litter Genie serves it’s purpose and eliminates the odor. The pail and the process isn’t entirely magical; it’s up to you to keep on top of your litter duty! The Litter Genie is merely a tool to help make it easier and more pleasant.

A Big Help

Starting out using the Litter Genie with four cats was a little daunting at first, but it really does contain the smell and reduces the amount of times we need to haul the litter to the outside garbage can.

You can grab your own Litter Genie® Pail on Amazon, or at Target, Walmart, Petco, and Pets Mart. The refills are available in single, two and four pack options.

The pail also comes in a Plus version. The Plus comes in a handful of extra colors, eradicates germs and it’s refill cartridges last a bit longer.

We could all use a little extra help in maintaining our home and banishing odors. What’s your current litter routine?

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