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Nothing gets me through rough times like taking luxurious Lush baths. Times don’t even have to be rough for me to thoroughly enjoy them. Bath time, is the best time.

While I was staying in Wisconsin, my boyfriend and I drove to Madison where he took me on a small Lush shopping spree. Here’s a rundown of what I tried this time, as well as bath bomb demos that will link you to my Instagram. 🛁


Big Bang Bubble Bar

Big Bang smells like a normal soap or laundry detergent. Fresh is a good thing, but this one is described as being citrus scented. I enjoyed the scent but they totally missed the mark on “lemon”. For some reason, I didn’t get as many bubbles out of this one as I thought I should. My water was tinted blue, as well. I probably won’t pick this one up again but I’m happy to have tried it!


Brightside Bubble Bar

Brightside is the brighter, more perky cousin of the Comforter (below). It will turn your bath water sunset orange, with frothy mountains of bubbles.

The scent is an uplifting blend of citrus: tangerine, Sicilian mandarin, and bergamot oils. It will undoubtedly leave you feeling very cheerful. Perfect for dreary mornings.

 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Candy Mountain smelled just like candy — sweet, vanilla, sugar goodness. The bubbles were fluffy and abundant as well. Cotton candy scented things are a favorite for me, I love this one so much! Candy Mountain can be used for 2-3 baths, if you can control yourself.



The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter is probably Lush’s most popular bubble bar. The thing is quite huge and well worth the high price because you can use it for at least 3 baths if you chop it up. The scent is quite relaxing, somewhat fruity. It produces a ton of bubbles as well, it’s much like being snuggled up in bed with a blanket of bubbles.

Magic Wand

This one really perked me up on a bad day, I was able to use it for two different baths. The smell is very similar to Candy Mountain; sweet, creamy, like cotton candy.



Bath Bombs


The Experimenter Bath Bomb

If you’re only going to buy one bath bomb, just to test the waters, let it be the Experimenter. This one puts on such a show for you, it’s crazy! Why didn’t they name it the Entertainer? In summary: rainbow explosion, swirling colors, popping candy, glitter, and low-key vanilla scents.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to soak in this one. Witnessing it in action, though, was almost as wonderful. This bath bomb is shaped like a gift, and when you pop it in the bath it explodes into this golden, glittery dream. Once it fizzes down to the center, you start to see some turquoise action.

Golden Wonder smells like citrus loveliness. The fizzing, the color or the scent got me thinking about champagne for some reason. It’s that luxurious.

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb


As a kid I was mesmerized by lava lamps. When I see them while shopping, I’m usually forbidden to buy them because they’re so uncool. Hmmph.

Lush’s Lava Lamp bath bomb, however, is rad. It looks a bit funny, but those purple orbs are actually cocoa butter that dissolves leaving your skin silky smooth. They resemble a lava lamp in the water when they start to melt.

The water is turned orange and the scent is of course citrus: mandarin, tangerine, and orange.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb


Shoot For The Stars turned my bathwater bright blue, just like my hair at the moment! The stars dissolve leaving sparkles behind in the water. It smelled like honey or caramel, very similar to their Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Shoot For The Stars has been added to my list of faves, alongside Sex Bomb.

Luxury Bath Oils

You’ve Been Mangoed


You’ve Been Mangoed is a luxury bath oil that melts into your bath water. When you get out of the tub, your skin is silky smooth and moisturized. The scent smells exactly like Fruit Loops cereal; fruity and delicious! It didn’t leave a film, or uncomfortable feel on my skin.


 More Bath Time Paraphernalia

In both locations, I live quite far from a Lush store. Paying for shipping also pains me, so I’m going to be trying those Amazon bath bombs people have been raving about to see how they compare!  🌈



  • Sarah Jean

    My husband bought me a bunch of new lush products, including that mango oil bar. I can’t wait to use them!

  • I’m in love with these bath bombs! It was nice to see more details about them! Great post.

  • cori

    Lush has so many neat products! When I first discovered Lush I had such an addiction but I have got it under control now lol.

    • It was quite the opposite for me, I was kinda like “meh” at first but my love for Lush has grown since then haha

  • Really wish there was a LUSH store by us. 🙁 I love their products!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

    • Me too! I WILL travel, though. Haha for some reason, in my head, that’s better than paying for shipping!

  • I love, love, LOVE Lush!! I have a few bombs and bat bars I got for Christmas.

  • Laura Romberger

    I absolutely love Lush Products! Great list! I think you’ve motivated me for a Lush shopping trip <3

  • LUSH products are the absolute best.