How To Clean Porcelain

As you’d imagine, I live in a older, creepy house with much of it’s original fixtures still intact. My bathtub unspecifiedand sinks are porcelain enamel, in which bleaching is a no-no. While I do let cobwebs collect and spiders run free to add to the creep factor of my home, I really can’t stand it when my tub and sinks start to yellow.

Due to aging, the porcelain is porous and it takes some of the finest elbow grease to get it clean. I’m always looking for ways to improve and cut time in everything I come across, so I’ve played with a few combinations of tools and cleaners to see what works best.

The best cleaning combination I’ve found thus far is the dream team: Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and Bar Keeper’s Friend.

The top is the filthy side, and the bottom is the fresh clean one.

These two tools have gotten my sinks and tubs whiter than anything else I’ve tried.

What I like to do is gently spray water on the area, sprinkle a little Bar Keeper’s Friend and buff away the grime with the Magic Eraser. It seriously doesn’t take much effort on my part, either.

It doesn’t take out the scratches, cracks and dings… but it does make it noticeably whiter.

This is so simple, quick and effective I had to share with you! If it works so well on my spooky, vintage porcelain… imagine what it could do for yours! 😉 Thank me later.


  • Ashley

    Awesome! That magic eraser is seriously bomb! It’s hard to believe how awesome it is by just looking at it! Haha

  • Candy Kage

    Seems as if the magic eraser is well names. I seem to use them for tons of cleaning.

  • Jessica Price

    i live an old victorian building with original fixtures as well and typically like making my own cleaning agents but the porcelain is tough. might have to look for a magic eraser!

  • I will have to keep this in mind. As the landlord just put in a poreclian sink. It is pretty and white. Now I will knwo how to properly clean it when it starts to age. I love old fixtures and old houses. I have plenty of cobwebs and dust in my house too.

  • Anmaria Djong

    I didn’t know this trick at all. I am going to look for this magic eraser for our porcelain.

  • Hannah Palamara

    I didn’t know this was so easy to do!