Nightmare Before Christmas Jars: Frog’s Breath Tutorial

Nightmare Before Christmas Jars

If you ended up here by mistake, I’m onto the last jar in my DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Jars tutorial. I recently had to split it up, due to the amount of content I needed to include. If you’re looking for the materials list and introduction, click here.

This tutorial requires some know-how served in the tutorial for the other two jars; I recommend reading this one first! Otherwise, welcome to the tutorial for Frog’s Breath!

Getting Ready For Frog’s Breath

  • clean your jar.
  • remove the label, the plastic pieces from the lid and any metal pieces if you’re using a canister.

Play With Clay

  • roll out a strip of clay, and wrap it around your jar.
  • remove the overlapping clay and rub the seam until it disappears.


Snip Snip: Cleaning Up The Top And Bottom

  • using your sharpest clay tool, a knife or a razor blade, remove the excess on the tops and bottoms of your jar.


Forming The Frame

Now, we’re going to make a “frame” on the from of our jar and inside this frame will be the lettering. I did this by rolling some clay into “snakes” and flattening them, just like in kindergarten! I scored the frame by marking X’s on it to give it some texture.


The Lid

  • wrap the lid in clay.
  • roll it’s edge back and forth on a flat surface to give it a more cylindrical shape.

nbcjars-11 Snip Snip

  • we’re now going to remove the excess clay that has gathered under the lip of the lid. This needs to be removed so that the jar is able to close properly.


For the texture/notches, I pressed onto the edge with a wooden chop stick. You can use a pencil, Popsicle stick… anything, really.


The Lettering

I cheated with the lettering, I used stone stamps I had on hand from the tombstone tutorial. It can easily be done by hand, it just takes some time.

IMG_9465 The Baking + Painting

Both the baking and painting techniques for this jar are just like Worm’s Wort or Deadly Nightshade, so teleport on over there to refresh your memory! It’s important to read the baking instructions for your clay!


The Real Finish Line

You’re finished with your Frog’s Breath jar, and hopefully the complete set at this point! I recently sold this particular set because I ran out of room in my home for them. I’m asked frequently if I’ll make them to sell, and for right now my answer is no. I don’t have the time nor the resources to do this at this point in my life, but you can always try to sweet talk me! 🙂nightmare_before_christmas_jarsI hope you had fun making these if you gave it a whirl, I sure did!

September 16, 2014