Nyx Lip Lingerie + Swatches

Oh wow, hi, there’s my face wearing Corset from the new Nyx Lip Lingerie line.

IMG_3006I’ve wanted to get these since they came out but my local Ulta never has them stocked until one delightful Monday when I decided on a whim to scope it out. I picked three shades without checking my Pinterest Beauty Wishlist (every makeup lover needs some sort of system to organize their thoughts, right?).

IMG_3003I got Corset, Lace Detail and Ruffle Trim. The applicator is a familiar doe foot, slightly longer than most I run across. I feel like the edges are a bit sharper for maximum perfection. Your cupid’s bow will be on fleek  😎 .  They all have a slight plastic smell that doesn’t bother me at all.

I decided to swatch these for the world to see, both on my hand and on my lips. My skin tone is very pale, with pink undertones. The entire Nyx Lip Lingerie line consists of very wearable nudes; and while one person may not suit the entire line, I imagine every skin tone will find a shade that looks amazing on them. The shades are very similar at first glance, but upon inspection you’ll find that some are a little bit cooler toned than others, and some a bit warmer toned than others. There’s truly at least one for everybody.



The formula of these feel and apply like mousse, and glide on quite evenly. They dry matte, and won’t budge. I don’t feel the formula is particularly drying, but if you scrub them off your lips three times in a row as I have,  you’re going to need lip balm.


Ruffle Trim

Ruffle Trim is my favorite of the three, a warm brown shade with orange/red tones. It looks so much darker on me than most other people because I’m so pale, but I feel this one complimented my complexion the best.


Lace Detail

Lace Detail – Pinky nude. This one was the perfect nude shade on me, I could pull off telling people I don’t have anything on my lips at all. Score.



Corset – A gray-toned nude. This one reminded me of Limecrime’s Cashmere, but a side-by-side swatch revealed that Cashmere is a bit darker. Corset is much more wearable for me, and made my lips looks huge for some reason. It’s going to take some getting used to, though! It seems to make me look mega-pale.

These, of course, are liquid to matte and the staying power is phenomenal. I had to scrub the swatches off my arm; and don’t get me started on my lips. Ouch. I suppose it would be much easier using makeup remover wipes, but I don’t buy or use those. That might have to change soon.

There are 12 shades total and I plan on getting almost all of the shades. I’ll update this post when I pick some more up. Start googling swatches of the Nyx Lip Lingerie line if you haven’t discovered them already! 😀 They’re niiiiiiice.